Ex-Google MD Says Atte Ka Halwa Is Better Than Suji Ka Halwa & Starts Halwa War On Twitter

by Sanjana Shenoy
Ex-Google MD Says Atte Ka Halwa Is Better Than Suji Ka Halwa & Starts Halwa War On Twitter

From gulab jamun, to jalebis to barfi to kheer, we Indians have a variety of mithai to choose from. But what is the baap of all mithai? It’s got to be halwa right? No matter what halwa we’re talking about or you have in mind, we instantly have wide smiles. This confectionery made of sugar, ghee, flour and even fruits and veggies (like gajar and beetroot) is ooey gooey and indulgent. Recently, Ex-Google MD started a Twitter war after he declared that atte ka halwa is better than suji ka halwa.

Ex-Google MD Dishes Life Truths About Rains & Atte Ka Halwa

Parminder Singh, the Ex-Google MD took to Twitter to dish two life truths — rains share a deeper bond with halwa than pakodas and atte ka halwa is better than suji ka halwa. He shared two pictures to share his declaration of his life truths. The first picture is a beautiful picture of his garden welcoming rain showers. The second picture is of two bowls of delicious melt-in-the-mouth atte ka halwa.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, suji ka halwa is made of semolina, ghee and sugar. Other spices like cardamom and kesar are also added. It’s coarse in texture due to the semolina, but indulgent nevertheless. Atte ka halwa is a dark brown halwa made of wheat flour, ghee and sugar. It’s often served in gurudwaras as Kada Prashad.

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Starts Halwa War On Twitter!

Parminder Singh’s tweet not surprisingly started a halwa war on Twitter. While many agreed with him and even stated that atte ka halwa tastes better as ghee mixes well with wheat flour, others dissed it. There were some who respectfully disagreed. Then there were others, who preferred other varieties of halwa like besan ka halwa and Tirunelveli halwa over atte ka halwa and sujo ka halwa. These halwa connoisseurs even suggested the ex-Google MD to sample their favourites instead.

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While that was the case about halwa, Twitteratis just couldn’t digest that Parminder Singh preferred halwa on rainy days instead of pakodas. That’s a life truth that Tweeple unanimously disagreed with. After all, the simple pleasures of biting into crispy hot onion or aloo pakodas on a rainy day is unparalleled. Even Parminder Singh is conflicted about this.

So, which is your favourite rainy-day snack? Also, are you Team Atte Ka Halwa or Team Suji Ka Halwa?

Cover Image Courtesy: @parrysingh/ Twitter