11 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Under ₹1 Lakh In 2019

by Pratiksha Acharya
11 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Under ₹1 Lakh In 2019

A wedding is a grand affair and it is no wonder that huge amounts of money are spent over making it an event to remember. But when you have splashed so much money on a single day, your honeymoon tends to take a hit due to budget cuts. Although you don’t have to worry for we have compiled a list of some of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world that you won’t need to compromise on. After all, why should your first trip with your hubby not be a memorable one?

1. Get Beachy At Bali

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, you can explore Bali at any budget possible. I know it sounds far-fetched but Indonesia really is that cheap. The beaches here are really picturesque and pose as beautiful backdrops for your honeymoon pictures. Unwind by the beach or explore the green forest, there is something for everyone here.

Tickets: INR 29,000 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 197.87 Indonesian Rupiah
Things to do: Catch sunsets at the beach, swing on the swings in Ubud, snorkel in the clear blue waters

2. Bring In Some Sun At Mauritius

Another popular beach destination among honeymooners is Mauritius. With turquoise blue water and clear skies, Mauritius is a paradise on earth. Located off the southeast coast of the African subcontinent, this sunny place is also home to the third-largest coral reef. Snorkelling here is a revelation thanks to the translucent waters and you can frolic with the fishes.

Tickets: INR 19,999 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 0.51 Mauritian Rupee
Things to do: Take a Catamaran trip, indulge in couple’s spa therapy, visit the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden

3. Exploring The History Of Cambodia

If you are a history buff then you will fall in love with Cambodia. With a varied landscape, Cambodia boasts of a very rich and varied past. The standout point, however, is the ruins of Angkor Wat. Originally a temple complex, it is now one of the most Instgrammable places in the world. Going to Cambodia is like going back in time. Did you know that it was originally a Hindu temple? If you want to know more, you have to go down there along with you S/O.

Image credits: Bangkok Attractions

Tickets: INR 38,665 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 57.39 Cambodian Riel
Things to do: Explore Angkor Wat, check out the pepper plantations

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4. The Marine Life Of Seychelles

An archipelago of around 115 islands, Seychelles is one big beach. I think it is pretty obvious that we love beaches. But, who doesn’t, right? There’s so much to Seychelles, right from its sandy beaches, natural reserves and Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception which is Seychelles’ biggest cathedral. think of it as a less-crowded version of Goa. 

Image credits: Hayes and Jarvis

Tickets: INR 20,758 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 0.19 Seychellois Rupee
Things to do: Explore the beautiful city of Mahe, sip on a glass of champagne and admire the golden sunsets

5. Check Out The Rice Farms Of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations and has to be one of the prettiest countries in all of Southeast Asia. And that is so because of it’s seaside beaches, freshwater lakes and the busy markets that have some of the best food in the world. Their Pho is to die for and once you have had this noodle dish, there is no going back. The city of Hanoi, which is also the capital has both French and Vietnamese touches and you can see that in the architecture of the city.

Image credits: Emerald Waterways

Tickets: INR 16,445 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 327.76 Vietnamese Dong
Things to do: Explore the Old City of Hanoi, get lost in the bustling markets and buy yourself some fun curios

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6. Experience The Czech Way Of Life In Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is famously known for its Old Town Square which is supposed to be the most beautiful one in all of Europe. The buildings here are an architect’s dream come true and the Gothic churches just add that extra oomph factor. You might think that travelling all the way to Europe might be a tad bit expensive but Prague is actually one of the cheapest places to travel to.

Tickets: INR 39,645 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 0.013 Euro
Things to do: Cruise around the Prague canal, take in the history of the old city

7. Revel In The Gothic Architecture Of Budapest

Another European city that makes for a relatively cheap and affordable destination is the capital city of Hungary. The city is divided into two parts by the river Danube which is also of major historical importance. The famous chain bridge of the city links the Buda to the Pest (yes, quite literally). The town square here is also supposed to be a sight to see and with its splendid architecture, becomes one of the places on our bucket list.

Image credits: The Times

Tickets: INR 32,117 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 0.013 Euro
Things to do: Walk along the Danube river, take a dip in the thermal pools in Budapest

8. Prowl In The Forests Of Nepal

With its beautiful temples and glorious wildlife, Nepal is a prime place to take your loved one. It makes for a trip to remember. What’s more beautiful than gorging on steaming hot momos while cuddling together under a blanket? And if you are an adventure freak then you can go on some really challenging treks that will get that adrenaline rushing.

Tickets: INR 17,083 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee
Things to do: Visit Pokhara a.k.a The City Of Lakes, ride on elephants at Chitwan National Park

9. Go Trekking In Bhutan

This one is for the couple that loves getting on their hiking boots at the sound of the word ‘trek’. After all, the couple that treks together, stays together, doesn’t it? And there’s no better place to do it than in Bhutan. You can choose from simpler trails to some hardcore ones depending on your limit. A beautiful sight to see is the Paro Taktsang Monastery which is located on the edge of a cliff.

Image credits: And Beyond

Tickets: INR 24, 721 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 1 Bhutan Currency
Things to do: Visit Paro Taktsang, indulge in the spirituality of the valley

10. Deep Dive Into The History Of Egypt

One of my favourite places and purely because I have a soft spot for history is Egypt. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, you just have to go see the pyramids at least once in your lifetime. And now you are in holy matrimony, why not share that experience with your loved one? Do make sure that you visit Khan el-Khalili which is one of the most vibrant markets out there.

Image credits: Fodors

Tickets: INR 29,101 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 0.23 Egyptian Pound
Things to do: Visit the Sphinx and the pyramids (duh), learn about the history of one of the oldest civilizations. decode hieroglyphs together.

11. Find Your Soul In Seoul

South Korea is not just about K-Pop. Even though, that does play a major role in it. But get to know the country through the eyes of the locals and you will find a Korea that you have never heard of. Right from their delicious food to their warm and vibrant culture, this is one developed country.

Image credits: Webjet exclusives

Tickets: INR 35,094 (approx per person)
Currency conversion: INR 1 = 16.57 South Korea won
Things to do: Visit the lava tubes in Jeju-do, explore the party scene