Expat Salary Is Highest For Middle Managers In Saudi Arabia With An Average Of SAR394083 Annually

by Anupriya Mishra
Expat Salary Is Highest For Middle Managers In Saudi Arabia With An Average Of SAR394083 Annually

Saudi Arabia is a land of highly diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and it offers plenty of opportunities for job seekers. With a high standard of living in the country, it’s no secret that this middle eastern country has quite a lucrative job market. And recently, a survey revealed that the salaries of expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the highest! Here’s all we need to know about the report.

High Expat Salary In Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Expat Salary Saudi Arabia
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According to a study published by consultancy ECA International, it was revealed that expatriate salaries were highest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yes, as a result, this country emerged as a popular destination for exports according to a report by NDTV. Going by the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey, middle managers in Saudi Arabia earned £83,763 (SAR3,94,083) annually on average. This is big news as it’s the highest in the world! Moreover, it was also revealed that the average salary was the highest, even though there was a 3% decrease compared to the previous year!

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The UK Is The Most Expensive Location To Send Employees

Saudi Arabia Riyal
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As it happens, the survey revealed that the UK was the most expensive location in the world to send employees. The survey also noted that the annual cost of sending an expat to the UK now stood at £3,51,992, which has seen a rise of 11% since last year. Moreover, the salaries in the country rose by just 5%, and represented only 18% of the total expatriates package!

As it happens, the survey also revealed that the salaries in Switzerland were the highest in Europe, and it was just £14,500 higher than the same in the UK. Oliver Brown, the Remuneration & Policy Survey Manager at ECA International revealed in the report, that even though the countries in the Middle East might not top the overall ranking, expatriate salaries in the region are generally incredibly high for encouraging people to relocate there! The packages only become more affordable as the cost of benefits ranks lower and there is a lack of personal tax!

So, if you are an expat living in Saudi Arabia, you certainly have a reason to rejoice!

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