Experience First-Of-Its-Kind Stunning Projection Mapping On Mumbai’s Rajabai Clock Tower Today. Hurry!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Experience First-Of-Its-Kind Stunning Projection Mapping On Mumbai’s Rajabai Clock Tower Today. Hurry!

Mumbai is home to the iconic clock tower, known as Rajabai Tower. It is located on the University of Mumbai’s Fort campus and has a height of 85 metres. The 142-year-old tower showcases the beauty of Victorian-Gothic architecture. Well, if you want to see this iconic tower in a different light, then today is the day. Mumbaikars, get ready to witness a first-of-its-kind projection map on the Rajabai Clock Tower today. 

Witness Projection Mapping On Rajabai Clock Tower In Mumbai Today

The Mumbai Light Festival (MLF) is surely one of the most ambitious satellite events. This event is in association with Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Art Festival. Mumbai’s iconic Rajabai Tower will be lit with stunning projections that will represent the theme PAST FORWARD and take the viewers on a nostalgic journey. This time-travelling journey is surely a first-of-its-kind and will make you super nostalgic with a huge smile on your face.

The time-travelling journey will take viewers through the glorious past as well as the glittering present. Additionally, with projection mapping, it will also take you on a futuristic ride, offering a glimpse of what the future looks like. This Mumbai Light Festival satellite event is free of charge and offers free access to anyone and everyone. The event will be hosted today, and the timings are from 7pm to 10pm, so make sure you do not miss it. 

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A Huge Platform For Artists Who Work With Light

Lighting up the iconic Rajabai Clock Tower is a part of the amazing Mumbai Light Festival. This event is a huge platform created for all the artists who work on their crafts with light as a medium. The third satellite edition of the Mumbai Light Festival was organised in December 2022 and ran from the 13th to the 22nd in Mumbai‘s iconic G5A Warehouse.

The event, titled Immerse, featured two audio-visual acts that combined many artists, genres, and inspirations to create wholly immersive experiences for the audience. 

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Make sure you do not miss this experience at Oval Maidan, Mumbai.

Cover Image Courtesy: @mumbailightfestival/Twitter