Experience Free Workspace Alongwith 2-Year Visa At The Expo 2020 Dubai Site After March 2022 & Here’s How

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha 904

Even after Expo 2020, Dubai closes its doors in March 2022, the world fair site will continue to thrive as a thriving business area. The District 2020 project will carry on the legacy of Expo 2020 by becoming a residential and business centre for UAE inhabitants, complete with academic institutes, hospitals, and cutting-edge building management systems. The legacy project’s vice-president, Nadimeh Mehra, spoke about a programme called Scale2Dubai that assists international enterprises in entering a new market. The Khaleej Times reports.

District 2020 In Dubai Is Expected To Attract Visitors Long After Expo Dubai

The programme includes a free workspace, a two-year visa, and assistance with a business startup, with the goal of boosting worldwide co-creation. When businesses establish themselves in this ecosystem and collaborate with businesses from other nations, the global scale will be inconceivable. Dubai’s Zone 2020, as a core commercial district, is expected to draw visitors long beyond the Expo. People will live and work in District 2020, and it will begin to support the area’s development.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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A Smart City Serves As The Foundation For This Innovation Ecosystem

This project will have two objectives. One reason is that they intended to repurpose as much of the event as possible. And it is a difficult legacy. District 2020 plans to use at least 80% of what was developed, according to the report. The soft legacy, on the other hand, is a key component in establishing an innovation ecosystem that distinguishes them from other megaprojects that have already planned legacy events. A smart city serves as the foundation for this innovation ecosystem. Expo 2020 has created a smart city that is currently hosting a six-month event.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

Over The Next 25 Years, People Will Visit, Live & Work At The Hub In District 2020

Dubai has a robust innovation strategy. The leadership is leading the charge, and many other government agencies are following suit. As a result, new industries and jobs are created. Approximately 145,000 people are expected to visit, live, and work at the hub over the next 25 years, according to District 2020. It will also offer top-notch features and a plethora of amenities. Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion, one of the thematic pavilions, will stay as a Children and Science Centre. The Mobility Pavilion will continue to educate individuals about mobility, including people, products, and data movement, as well as the history of mobility in our civilisation.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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The Saudi Arabia Pavilion & The Indian Pavilion Will Be Preserved In Its Current State

The Al Wasl Dome, a masterpiece of architecture, will continue to attract visitors to events. The stunning waterfall feature will continue to be a popular tourist attraction. Visitors to the Expo site are already familiar with the strolling paths, parks, and a plethora of other activities that will keep future residents occupied in a diverse city experience. The country pavilions will be converted into either commercial office spaces or modern residential apartment units. The Saudi Arabia Pavilion, as well as the Indian pavilion, which will serve as a trading hub, were designed to build to last. The Saudi pavilion, meanwhile, will focus on cultural exhibitions from across the country.

Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

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