Expo 2020: Dubai RTA Launches Brand New License Plate With Expo 2020 Logo

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1329

Dubai is gearing up for Expo 2020- one of the most lavish celebrations in the emirate this year. In line with the gala affair, Dubai RTA has launched a brand new number plate, which boasts the Expo 2020 logo. The number plate is available on sale now for AED 200 and those interested can purchase the same from the RTA’s official website. So, are you up to give your car a fancy makeover?

What’s It?

Expo 2020 is one of the biggest events Dubai will witness this year and the emirate is doing its best to make it a huge success. As part of the grand event, Dubai RTA has launched brand new, Expo 2020- themed number plates. Vehicle owners who wish to change their number plates to the Expo 2020 golden rings logo can buy it online by submitting an application form on the RTA website. The number plate costs AED 200, in addition to a nominal fee of fixing the logo.

The plates will be issued within three working days and motorists can collect it from their nearest RTA customer service centre.

According to Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency, RTA:

“The launch of this initiative aims to support Dubai hosting Expo 2020, and motorists will now be able to have their vehicle plates replaced with the Expo logo.” 

Its time to drive around and show off your brand new number plate! Meanwhile, here’s everything you need to know about Expo 2020

What Else?

Besides, the Expo 2020 will feature a stunning slide, that visitors can slide down! The Luxembourg pavilion will have a fun slide that will instantly transport you to Europe. The slide will drop you into a green zone, filled with trees, and woody fragrances- taking you on a surreal trip to the European forests. The initiative is an effort to let guests experience Luxembourg’s dense forests, when in Dubai. We are so looking forward to going on a fun trip to the European forests!

Recently, Luxembourg revealed plans about a massive slide inside its pavilion at the Expo 2020. Guests can slide take the stairs or zip down from a height of 21 metres, in a transparent slide to get a dose of the country’s dense forests. The slide will drop you into pavilion’s central atrium- a green zone, filled with trees and will also give you a smell of nature.

Credits: Thenational.ae

The slide also represents the country’s traditional fair- Schueberfouer, which dates back to 1340. The fair is a massive tradition with over 200 rides, and attracts two million visitors to the country. One of the world’s smallest countries, Luxembourg was one of the first countries to confirm its participation in the Expo 2020.

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