EXPO 2023 Doha: Qatar Pavilion Inspired By Ras Abrouq Landscapes; Celebration Of Qatari Culture

EXPO 2023 Doha
by Deeplata Garde

As the countdown to EXPO 2023 Doha gains momentum, excitement permeates the air. At the heart of this much-awaited event lies the resounding theme, “Green Desert, Better Environment.” A fascinating revelation emerges: the Qatar Pavilion found its muse in the nation’s own desert landscape. Keep reading to find out more about this inspirational landscape from Qatar & EXPO 2023 Doha.

Qatar Pavilion Draws Inspiration From Ras Abrouq


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Amid the grandeur of EXPO 2023 Doha, the Qatar Pavilion stands as a testament to the nation’s rich heritage. It’s about celebrating the time-honoured art and architecture. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerising Ras Abrouq landscape, this pavilion brings to life the essence of tradition. Capturing the heart of this scenic wonder, EXPO 2023 Doha’s official X account shares that they are bringing Ras Abrouq to life for six months. It’s all about celebrating, reviving and indulging in our traditions they say on their account. Blending contemporary design and artistic brilliance, the pavilion promises an immersive and unforgettable encounter.

Nestled north of Dukhan, Ras Abrouq is the captivating finish of the Zekreet Peninsula. This prehistoric landscape, adorned with archaeological treasures and traces of ancient human presence, offers a glimpse into history. The ethereal white cliffs adorned with soft limestone layers and iconic mushroom-shaped hills form a landscape that is as breathtaking.

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More About EXPO 2023 Doha


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Tradition and culture will find their vibrant space within the Expo’s expansive domain. The dedicated Cultural Area spanning 500,000 square meters, alongside the Family Area, will host the Cultural Bazaar, a vibrant marketplace showcasing traditional crafts and artisanal products from around the world.EXPO 2023 Doha, set from October 2, 2023, to March 28, 2024, anticipates participation from 80 nations, attracting an influx of three million visitors to Doha. A notable highlight is that entry to this monumental event is free for all, as outlined by the Qatar Tourism application, Visit Qatar.

The innovative introduction of the Hayya Card is also notable, extending the visitor experience beyond the pavilion. Stemming from its inception during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, this card serves as a gateway to accessibility and convenience, enhancing the visitor’s journey to EXPO 2023Doha.

Overall, the Qatar Pavilion at EXPO 2023 Doha stands as a beacon of anticipation. Rooted in Ras Abrouq’s splendour and rooted in cultural heritage, it undoubtedly ranks as one of the Expo’s most anticipated highlights.

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