Falguni Pathak Says, “Mujhe Khane Ka Bahut Shauk Hai”

Falguni Pathak loves her pani puri with ragda!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Falguni Pathak Says, “Mujhe Khane Ka Bahut Shauk Hai”

Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, said, “Wherever Falguni Pathak manages to reach, that’s where Navrati happens.” It is so true because she joined us for a great episode of Tere Gully Mein to talk about her Navrati functions in Borivali, her food preferences and her career. While we explored the Gujarati food options with her, we learned that she is a big-time foodie and especially enjoys street food. Even when she is travelling abroad, she always tries street food.

Falguni Pathak Is Fond Of Eating Food, Especially Street Food

We had planned a full food tour in the lanes of Borivali offering Gujarati food items because we have Falguni Pathak with us! We questioned her about whether she likes street food or fine dining and she enthusiastically replied by raising one hand and saying that she likes street food all the way. We get it, Falguni, you love to gorge on the street food of Mumbai because SAME.

She told us that she is not a fine-dining person and loves to eat pani puri, sev puri and dahi puri. While naming these dishes, her face truly expressed how much she was craving them. Worry not, all these dishes were enjoyed and she was the happiest around food. We started by visiting Murlidhar Sweets & Farsan for some jalebi fafda and nylon khaman.

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Next was Har Bhole Kutchi Dabeli for the delicious delis and the last stop was at Maa Anjani Pav Bhaji Centre. Here, loads of pani puri, pudla, khichiya papad, moonglet, surti gotala, and black pav bhaji were relished. We also played fun food games with her; watch the video linked above.

She Talked About Her School And College Life

Falguni Pathak
Image Credits: Internal

While we drove to our next stop, Har Bhole Kutchi Dabeli, we had plenty of time to chat with Falguni Pathak about her childhood days and her career. Kamiya asked about the school and college she went to. Falguni shared that she attended the MM Pupils School in Khar West, Mumbai. She shared that it used to be a Gujarati medium school when she was enrolled. For graduation, she went to M. M. K. College in Bandra West. It looks like she has been a Mumbaikar since her childhood days and now she owns the place with her talent and humbleness.

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