Falguni Pathak Reveals The Secret Behind Her Unique Style

Falguni Pathak always dons a shirt, trousers, waist length vests with sports shoes while her hair falls neatly on her forehead.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Falguni Pathak Reveals The Secret Behind Her Unique Style

For this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Falguni Pathak, the Garba and Navratri sensation, joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to explore the lanes of Borivali. We were fortunate enough to hear her sing live, right in front of us. Also, we couldn’t help but comment on her unique style, which her sisters are responsible for. A simple shirt, pants and shoes, and she is good to go!

We Got To Know The Secret Behind Falguni Pathak’s Unique Style

Kamiya started by complimenting the way Falguni Pathak dresses up and carries herself in those short hair, sports shoes and vests that always look elegant. Falguni couldn’t help but give us a cute little smile when she was praised. Then Kamiya added more about her unique style; she said that even during garba when people are all in glitz and glam, she still stands out in the crowd. Kamiya gave her the tag of ‘Best Dressed Person’ and she appreciated it and replied, “Thank you!”

The secret behind her style is her sisters! Falguni Pathak told us that her family never had a male child so her sisters would dress her up in a shirt and pants and keep her hair short but she would wear the normal uniform for her school. When back home, she would immediately change into her regular shirt and pants. We do agree that her style is unique and she definitely stands out, no matter what.

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This Was Her Reaction To Her Nickname, Indian Madonna

Falguni Pathak
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We got ourselves some delicious dabelis from Har Bhole Kutchi Dabeli in Borivali. They are one of the most buttery ones in Borivali West. After clicking several selfies with her fans gathered around Kamiya and Falguni, they sat in the car. While chatting about her tour life, Kamiya told her that people call her Indian Madonna. Falguni Pathak’s instant reaction was “Arey arey” and then both of them went on to laugh out loud. Then she said there should be no comparison between the two iconic singers. Madonna sings in her own manner and Falguni sings in her unique style, so comparisons shouldn’t be made.

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Comment down below if you get inspired by Falguni’s style of dressing. Did you ever think about going for the same haircut as her?

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