Family Finds Chicken In Veg Food Ordered At Restaurant In Ahmedabad’s Bopal; Health Dept Fines It

by Shreya Ghosh
Family Finds Chicken In Veg Food Ordered At Restaurant In Ahmedabad’s Bopal; Health Dept Fines It

Vegetarians and vegans often face the problem of getting a proper restaurant that serves the right food without adding any meat, fish, or any non-vegetarian food items. Travellers who eat only veg or vegan dishes sometimes experience such issues while visiting different places. One good thing about exploring India is that you will get veg food in most parts of the country. Unfortunately, a family found some chicken in their veg food in a dreadful incident.

Customers Found Meat In Their Vegetarian Order In Bopal

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A family went to the Carry On restaurant in Ahmedabad’s South Bopal recently where they found chunks of chicken in their veg food, according to a report by The Times of India. They were utterly shocked after seeing the meat pieces served by the restaurant run by Tomato’s & Mirch Masala. The customers made a complaint about the terrible service. Sadly, there were no responses or reactions from the restaurant. Getting no reply from the management, the customers took a video of the incident and shared it online as well.

The family also made a complaint about this scenario to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Soon, the health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation came to know about the shocking incident of the family finding chicken in veg food served at the Carry On restaurant and imposed a fine of ₹10,000 on them. It is not accepted in any way for any eatery, cafe, or restaurant to serve or add anything non-veg in vegetarian dishes.

There are so many vegetarian eateries and restaurants located in different parts of Ahmedabad. This astonishing incident took place in Bopal. Do not get confused with Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal or think that we spelled it wrong. Bopal is a well-known area of Ahmedabad in Gujarat and one of the restaurants in this place is now making headlines for adding chicken pieces to veg food.

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The Family Ordered A Veg Hot Pot At The Restaurant In South Bopal

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In a conversation with The Times of India, one of the family members talked about their experiences while eating at the restaurant. Rawal shared how the family placed an order for a vegetarian Mexican hot pot. They saw chicken pieces in the veg hot pot after starting to eat the dish. They made a complaint right at the moment but the restaurant did not make any response to the inconvenience.

This was when they decided to record a video showing everyone the scenario and posted it on social media. Further, they informed the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and made a complaint about the incident as well. Later, the department and its people took necessary action as well, as discussed above.

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Back in October 2023, Zomato and McDonald’s got fined a massive fine of ₹1 lakh by the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum in Jodhpur. The customer placed an order on Zomato for a veg burger but instead received non-veg food inside. He made a complaint to McDonald’s and Zomato but none of them took any steps. This was when he lodged a complaint to the Forum.

Have you ever faced any such issues at a restaurant?

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