Fashionistas, A 5-Day Luxurious CHANEL Funfair Is Coming To Downtown Dubai. You Gotta Check It Out!

by Deeplata Garde
Fashionistas, A 5-Day Luxurious CHANEL Funfair Is Coming To Downtown Dubai. You Gotta Check It Out!

With its successful venture last year in the Middle East, CHANEL, the luxury brand is entering the Dubai Market once again but with a twist. What’s in store? Calling out all the fashionistas in the house, the Dubai Downtown is getting a stylish makeover by CHANEL this weekend. A Funfair setup is set to be visible around Dubai Downtown. And it’s not your regular fair, it’s Première Funfair!

CHANEL Brings Première Funfair To Dubai Downtown


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Mark your calendars as CHANEL will feature in the Dubai Downtown from Wednesday, March 15 until Sunday, Mar 19, 2023. So gather around fountain street if you want your dose of luxury.

Although we don’t have many deets about the event, we assure you it’s going to be ultra-luxe given the standards of this brand. The brand has been tight-lipped about funfair and we have our eyes open for any update regarding the same.

Expect a miniature funfair with 5 distinctive attractions for guests. It will be a stylish event, of that we are certain. With the company’s premier edition original watch, it will undoubtedly attract a stylish population that enjoys having fun.

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CHANEL Pop-Up With Views Of Burj Khalifa

Last year, on Feb 27th, CHANEL announced its first public event to celebrate the launch of the N°1 DE CHANEL collection. The Burj Park was bustling with people from the French fashion house and fans of the brand.

In Downtown Dubai, their new line of skincare, makeup, fragrances, and mists were on display at a location near Dubai Mall. A watercolour session by Portuguese visual artist Ana D’ Castro was given in addition to the beauty and skincare classes. Customers had the opportunity to partake in an artistic adventure through Charlotte Hudders’ calligraphy lessons, a Dubai-based artist. Following the brief artistic workshop, a breathing coach from the Shimis Yoga Center was brought in for an outdoor meditation session.

Sounds like an overall pop-up event by the luxury brand. If we compare the upcoming event, we might anticipate similar or even better activities arranged at this funfair! So let’s wait for further announcements by the luxury brand CHANEL’s 5-day Première.

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