Father-Daughter Reunion After 1.6 Yrs! This Desi Dad Flew To Canada To Surprise His Daughter

by Shreya Ghosh
Father-Daughter Reunion After 1.6 Yrs! This Desi Dad Flew To Canada To Surprise His Daughter

It is never an easy feeling to leave our parents, family, friends, and loved ones and shift to a new place all of a sudden. Adulting comes with its list of perks but leaving our parents and hometown is always such a challenge and overwhelming experience. Everything starts working out slowly with time but our heart always desires to get a glimpse of our parents all the time. A video of a Desi dad surprising his daughter living across borders is making rounds on social media platforms and we are both crying and smiling wide watching it.

This Indian Father Travelled To Canada To Surprise His Daughter!

Shrutva Desai shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram account (@shrutva_desai) showing how his Papa gave her a huge surprise and met her in Canada after 1 year and 6 months. Grab some tissues or a handkerchief before watching this video as you will surely shed a few happy tears.


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Shrutva pens down a lovely caption sharing how it was the most incredible moment that she’ll cherish. She was completely shocked and overwhelmed with emotion seeing her silently Papa walking through the door. She couldn’t believe this grand and unexpected surprise and burst into tears. The father-daughter duo hugged each other and cried in happiness and excitement. Even we are sobbing after watching this adorable video.

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Netizens Are Crying Happy Tears Seeing This Touching Video Of The Desi Dad Meeting His Daughter!

Desi dad
Picture credit- Shrutva🤍 Instagram @shrutva_desai

This Desi Dad’s sweetest gesture has won everyone’s hearts. Internet users are happy and excited just like Shrutva watching the father-daughter duo meeting after so long. The comment section is filled with the sweetest and most positive responses. Many are also sharing how they miss their family as they live in a different city for their profession.

Shared on 2 June 2023, this viral video of the desi dad and daughter has garnered more than 1.7 million views with over 206K likes and thousands of beautiful comments.

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If you also live in a new city away from your family, we understand that you are missing them. Go, give them a call! All your challenges will surely get sorted and everything will work out, one at a time.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Shrutva🤍 (@shrutva_desai)