Finish Off India’s Tallest Burger In 5 Minutes And Take Home ₹2100

by Suchismita Pal
Finish Off India’s Tallest Burger In 5 Minutes And Take Home ₹2100

Here’s a piece of news for all those who’ve got insanely high burger rushes! A humongous tower burger having a weight of around 1 kg 300 grams is waiting to be gulped down by y’all. Wondering where? A street shop in Ludhiana, Punjab is selling this jumbo burger called Burj Khalifa Burger at ₹500. The burger is loaded with 5 crunchy tikkis and has every possible ingredient in it, from marinated chap, noodles and malai salad to even baked pizza and pineapple slices. Hands down, it can get your drools high but finishing up this burger alone can be a real challenge. If you’re ready to take it up, you can take home ₹2100. Here’s how.

India Tallest BurgerGiant Burger Loaded With Noodles, Marinated Chap And More!

The video of the massive burger was uploaded on the YouTube channel Official Sahi Hain on December 15, 2021. In the video, the food vendor first takes a bread slice and puts onions, tandoori sauce, and a tikki on it. Over the tikki, he puts bread, cream salad and then comes the second tikki. On top of this tikki, he puts noodles and coats them with cream. He then adds another bread slice and puts pineapple chunks, followed by another tikki and marinated chap. Then comes yet another bread slice with layers of paneer. Over these, the vendor puts baked mini pizza ( yes guys, pizza inside a burger!). He then puts tikki, cheese slice, malai salad, more cream, the final bread slice and dry fruits in honey and cream. As final touches, he puts a tikki, cheese corn rolls, mayonnaise, cream and grated paneer.

Finish Off The Burger In 5 Minutes And Win ₹2100

The owner of the food stall has thrown an open challenge to his visitors through the video. He has said that if someone manages to finish off the giant burger in 5 minutes, he will reward the person with ₹2100. Now that’s a great deal for any burger lover. Ain’t so? This burger is also touted to be India’s Tallest Street Food Burger.

Address | B2 Fast Food Punjab, Guru Arjun Dev Nagar Road Near Samrala Chownk Ludhiana Punjab