Finland To Sydney, Fly Directly To These International Holiday Destinations From India

by Sanmita A
Finland To Sydney, Fly Directly To These International Holiday Destinations From India

Planning international trips without layovers and connecting flights is a dream come true. Of course, connecting flights do have a few pros, but non stop flights and reaching the destination you’ve actually planned for is best. Sometimes, we tend to just stick to a few places that have the non stop, direct flights and ignore the rest. Well, that’s not true because there are many other beautiful international holiday destinations from India you can unwind at without tiring yourselves. Read on to know the destinations –

1. Finland

Now, that the whole world is travelling, you can too, start looking at international destinations for a trip. No, they don’t have to super hectic. You can book fly directly from India and explore the beauty of these beautiful holiday destinations. Finland in Europe, is a great place to begin your travel with. You will definitely get direct flights from here & numbers tell the best time to visit Finland is November.

2. Sydney

Sydney in Australia is another destination that you’d love exploring. And, thankfully, there are direct flights from India to Sydney available. People usually prefer to travel to Sydney during the autumn months – like October and November. We hope if you are looking for some place to plan a holiday, Sydney would be perfect. The best thing about your trip would be no long halts, but fly directly to your destination.

3. South Korea

If you’re a K-Drama fan, then just GO TO Seoul. Yes, you can fly directly to South Korea from India. And rest assured, you will have a great time there. Make sure you do all things that real k-drama fans do while there!

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4. Istanbul

Istanbul is another holiday destination which you can fly to directly from India. And, for Indians who wish for budgeted trips, Istanbul as a holiday destination can be a good deal. And of course, you can check out the direct flights from India to Istanbul and book well in advance for some savings.

5. Paris

Last but not the least in this list, is the pretty city of Eiffel Tower, Paris. And, though it might seem a little far, you do not have to stress yourself over reaching Paris. You can comfortably fly directly from India to the most romantic destination in the world from Europe.

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