Fire Engulfs Dampa Seafood Grill, A Popular Restaurant In Deira; Shuts Down

by Anupriya Mishra
Fire Engulfs Dampa Seafood Grill, A Popular Restaurant In Deira; Shuts Down

Seafood is adored by people for its exquisite flavours and the rich taste of the ocean that one can relish while chomping down on carefully prepared varieties. And one of the best places in Dubai, where people can land for a yummy seafood feast is Dampa Seafood Grill. However, it was recently reported that this popular Filipino seafood restaurant closed after a fire blazed through the restaurant early Tuesday morning.

Fire At Popular Filipino Restaurant In Deira

In a report by the National News, it was revealed that Dampa Seafood Grill, which is a popular Filipino restaurant was closed on Tuesday, after there were reports of a fire gutting the restaurant. As it happens, it was also mentioned in the report that extensive damages have been caused to the premises, which has left the restaurant temporarily closed. Situated in the Deira neighbourhood of Dubai, this is also supported by their Google location, which shows it is temporarily closed. It is believed that the fire happen somewhere around 4 AM or 5 AM on August 15! While the restaurant has not commented so far, the investigation for the cause of the fire is underway. As it happens, the report also mentioned that a TikTok video revealed the blazing restaurant!

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Why Is Dampa Seafood Grill Famous?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this popular Filipino restaurant also has a branch in Abu Dhabi. Popular for its array of delicious seafood, which includes everything from muscles to crabs, diners are always in for a treat. Everything here is served on a table where people can dig in with their hands, and of course, this vibrant eatery is thronged by seafood lovers. If you’re a hardcore foodie, you can expect to devour delicious shrimp dishes, corn on the cob, clams, and of course a mouthwatering variety of richly marinated seafood options. As it happens, this Filipino restaurant is famed for its sharing-style portions and is also often visited by food bloggers.

So, if you are also wondering about what’s in store for this restaurant, stay tuned to the space for more details.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/dampaseafoodgrill & Canva