Fire Warning On Air India’s Dubai-Bound Flight; Diverted To Kannur Airport

by Deeplata Garde
Fire Warning On Air India’s Dubai-Bound Flight; Diverted To Kannur Airport

In a recent development, an Air India Express flight en route to Dubai encountered a fire warning, leading to its swift diversion. The affected flight, identified as IX 345, underwent an unscheduled landing in Kannur approximately an hour after take-off. The alarm was triggered by the pilot’s alertness to a fire warning light within the aircraft’s cargo hold.

Air India Express Flight Diverts To Kannur Airport

Air India Express
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The flight’s journey commenced at Karipur International Airport with Dubai as its intended destination. Mid-flight, the pilot identified the fire warning indicator, prompting an immediate response. In the interest of passenger safety, the pilot opted to divert the aircraft to Kannur. The plane executed a seamless landing in Kannur, touching down safely at around 11:00 am on September 27.

Aboard the flight were 176 individuals, comprising passengers and crew members, all of whom have been reported as unharmed. Subsequently, it was confirmed that the incident was a false alarm, providing much-needed relief.

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Response & Mitigation Of The Team

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Following the diversion, the airline swiftly made alternative arrangements to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of the scheduled journey to Dubai from Kannur. An Air India Express spokesperson expressed the airline’s regret for any inconvenience caused to passengers due to the delay, highlighting that the airline had provided food and refreshments to all affected individuals.

To expedite the onward journey to Dubai, another Air India Express flight originating from Sharjah accommodated the passengers. It was on its way to Kannur. While such incidents may understandably raise concerns, it is heartening to witness the prompt and efficient responses exhibited by airline personnel. The incident underscores the unwavering commitment to passenger safety within the aviation industry. It serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role played by stringent safety protocols and measures to ensure the well-being of all those who take to the skies.

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