Flights To Srinagar Are Costlier Than To Dubai & Bangkok; Flyers Are Displeased

by Shreya Rathod
Flights To Srinagar Are Costlier Than To Dubai & Bangkok; Flyers Are Displeased

Flight tickets are, generally, costlier than train or bus tickets. Though they are calculated according to the distance, there are some instances where you will find the pricing to be extremely unfair. Just like the price of the Delhi to Srinagar flight! Apparently, they are costlier than flights to Dubai and Bangkok!

Flight Tickets To Kashmir Are Too Expensive!

srinagar flight tickets
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The state of Jammu & Kashmir is popularly known as ‘Paradise On Earth’ and is a tourist destination. People adore its snow-capped mountains, splendid scenery, handicrafts and more. However, the flight tickets from Delhi to J&K are more expensive than the flights to Dubai and Bangkok!

According to a Greater Kashmir report, the cost of a ticket from Delhi to Srinagar ranges from ₹18,000 to ₹21,000. While it is far less expensive to go to overseas cities like Dubai and Bangkok. It is less expensive to fly from Delhi to Bangkok on July 5 than it is to fly from Delhi to Dubai on the same day. Additionally, tickets from Delhi to Dubai cost ₹16,749 per passenger. The tourism and aviation sectors in Kashmir are being severely impacted by the almost doubling of airfares.

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In addition to impeding tourists’ travel plans, high prices have a significant negative impact on patients and students who must travel from Srinagar to Delhi or vice versa.

The Reason Behind This Rising Prices

srinagar flight tickets
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According to an official, the reason behind this rising price is the demand and supply in addition to Go First’s halted flight operations. The prices of flights to Srinagar from cities like Mumbai and Delhi have become expensive! This has created a massive problem for the tourism industry of J&K.

Since most people cannot afford to pay for the tickets, they are witnessing a decrease in the number of tourists. According to the locals, the government should decide against these rising airfares.

Most of the locals are involved in the tourism sector and have several businesses like running homestays, restaurants, bus services and so on. And with less number of tourists, it is affecting their livelihood!

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