Fly In A Zero-Gravity Flight And Experience Floating In Space Like An Astronaut

by Sanjana Shenoy
Fly In A Zero-Gravity Flight And Experience Floating In Space Like An Astronaut

Have you ever wished you could float in the air like astronauts? Your legs would be dangling in the air and you can have an extraordinary experience, bobbing in space. Well, let’s give wings to your imagination. You can soon fly in a Zero-Gravity flight which will take you on a 12-city tour in the USA. This adventurous experience is called Zero-G, and you can float in thin-air and experience total weightlessness.

Picture Credits: Zero Gravity Corporation

What’s In It? 

If you’re interested in an adventure of a lifetime, then fly in Zero-G, this is the only plane in the USA that is certified for zero gravity flights. This is the type of experience, you can only get on the International Space Station. The 2020 flight schedule of Zero-G has been released. This flight will take adventure seekers on a 12-day trip to stops which include Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New England, New York, Orlando, Florida, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C.

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A Boeing 727 has been modified and is called G-Force One. Travellers will have to wear flight suits which will let them experience 15 periods of total weightlessness. Once you’re inside the zero-gravity flight cabins, you can fly like your favourite superhero or attempt interesting acrobatic flips or just relax and let your body float in space. It is definitely a fun experience, but there its quite scientific and technical. The pilot inside will perform an acrobatic aerial manoeuvre known as a parabola, which will help him achieve zero gravity, and propel you into the air, so you can experience a slice of space. Did you know the World’s First Space Hotel Designs Are Here!

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What’s More?

The Zero-G departs from the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and then flies above Arizona. The pilot needs to maintain the plane to 2400 ft altitude. The film pushes over the peak of the parabola at 32000 ft up in the air. At this moment passengers onboard get an outer space feeling for 30 seconds, and then finally be able to float.

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This exhilarating zero-gravity flight experience costs  $5400 (₹3,85,578) plus 5 per cent tax. The single-seat package includes breakfast, lunch and professional pictures along with 7 to 8 minutes zero-gravity experience. Every Zero-G flight has a capacity of 34 seats while a chartered flight has seats for 12 people. Now that you know that there definitely can be the wind beneath your wings, try out this adventurous once-in-a-lifetime experience and float in space for a bit. You can also Visit The Star Wars Like Space Pod Hostel In Iceland