World’s First Space Hotel Designs Are Here!

by Sanjana Shenoy
World’s First Space Hotel Designs Are Here!

Imagine dining in space, having a good look at planet Earth from your window and experiencing the luxury of being an Astro tourist. Sounds unbelievable right? It’s not. The future is here! The world’s first commercial space hotel designs have been released. The space hotel named as the Von Braun Space Station will be built upon the technology used in the International Space Station (ISS). This commercial space hotel is designed by the Gateway Foundation. And they have revealed interesting designs and information about this exquisite space hotel.

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What’s More?

The designs of the world’s first space hotel look super interesting and futuristic. The orbiting space station has been designed in a 190m diameter wheel-shape. The plan is to facilitate the rotation of this wheel and create a gravitational force similar to that of the moon. Stunning right?

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This orbiting cruise ship will have luxury accommodation, cocktail bars, educational seminars and a cinema too. It will be able to accommodate 400 guests. Apart from this, it will also have 24 individual sleeping pods, decorated with soft furnishings and warm colours. The Astro tourists can also get stunning views of the Earth from their sleeping pods.

The Von Braun Space Station will be designed to have artificial gravity so guests can normally walk around. This would make their long term stay feasible and their short term stay, comfortable. The orbiting station hopes to welcome around 100 Astro tourists every week. This space hotel will be up and running by 2025, after which, the Gateway Foundation plans on building a bigger space hotel which can accommodate up to 1400 people. The future is truly here folks!

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