Enjoy A Star-Gazing Experience At The Kolkata Astronomy Centre

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Enjoy A Star-Gazing Experience At The Kolkata Astronomy Centre

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Kolkata Astronomy Centre is one of the most renowned organisations engaged in Astronomy in India.

What Is It?

Started in 1997 by the renowned sky watcher Asis Mukherjee at the basement of VIP Market, it gradually formed into an Astronomy Centre and made its presence beyond West Bengal.

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What’s In It?

Kolkata Astronomy Centre hosts everyone from school students to corporate magnets and makes them go through several slide shows, school programs, night sky observation camps, special event celebrations, fairground programs, popular courses, etc.

The Astronomy Centre also specializes in summer courses on introductory observational and theoretical astronomy. Enjoy night gazing through a telescope and get to learn about galaxies and our celestial bodies under the expert guidance.

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Address: AA 5, Anandadhara Apartment, Block – c, Flat – 9, Prafullakanan (west) kolkata– 700101, India
Phone: + 9133 25762512, + 9198 31451213, + 9198 31162539


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