BrewDog Airlines Is The World’s First Craft Beer Airline Perfect For Beer Lovers

Beer Lovers! Bottled beer is refreshing no doubt. But when it comes to freshly brewed craft beer, there really is no match right? But you can’t expect to get craft beer everywhere, like when you travel by plane, right? Wrong! The world’s first craft beer airline is here. Known as BrewDog Airlines it’s started by Scotland based BrewDog Brewery. And we just couldn’t have been more excited. This is going to be an ultra-modern travelling experience like no other.

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What’s In It?

A dream come true for all beer lovers, BrewDog Airlines boasts of a unique craft beer experience. And no it doesn’t just stop at a mug of freshly brewed beer. It goes all the way to offering an ample amount of craft beer, a whole lot of bar bites to complement your beer and most of all, onboard beer experts. Passengers can bond over a refreshing glass of craft beer and share their knowledge and love for it.

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BrewDog Airlines can carry around 240 passengers from London to Columbus (Ohio).  Passengers travelled by this flight in 2019 first. They even got experience a four-night stay in Columbus. They sipped the specially crafted beer by  BrewDogthat was made for high altitude conditions. This was complemented by food pairings which were curated by experts and served by the crew that were trained by a certified beer expert. It was truly heaven for beer enthusiasts.

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What’s More?

If this isn’t making you green with envy, then here’s what will. Passengers also stayed at the newly opened Brew Dog initiative, DogHouse Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. Travellers got the chance to opt for day trips to chosen breweries, bars, restaurants in Columbus and even a trip to Cincinnati. There will be many more such craft beer flights. The airline is keen to promote more flights with 200 passengers in the future.

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The beer-lovers’ flights will be reserved for investors of the BrewDog’s Equity Punks. So maybe you can consider investing in their shares or wait till the flights are open for the general public. Till then, if you’re a Bangalorean, then here are the 15 Best Breweries In Bangalore For 2020

Sanjana Shenoy
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