Flying Emirates? Emirates Airlines Shares Wellness Tips For A Comfortable Travel In 2024

11 useful tips for a relaxing travel experience with Emirates.

by Priyanka Fernandes
Flying Emirates? Emirates Airlines Shares Wellness Tips For A Comfortable Travel In 2024

In the spirit of the new year, Emirates Airlines offers valuable insights on enhancing your travel experience in 2024. Focused on wellness, these tips aim to help you ‘fly better,’ aligning with resolutions for healthier living and exciting travel plans.

1. Technology Is Useful

Minimise Technology
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The Emirates app streamlines travel with easy flight booking, online check-in, seat selection, and digital boarding passes. It offers flight notifications, meal details, pre-order options, chauffeur services, and inflight entertainment planning for a seamless and personalized journey. 

2. Light Hand Luggage

Light Hand Luggage
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 Emirates offers generous baggage allowances (20kg to 50kg). Be cautious with hand luggage weight to avoid discomfort during travel. Follow Emirates Cabin Crew’s tip to bend your knees when lifting to protect your back. Travel light for maximum comfort.

 3. Tune Into Happiness & Wellbeing Content On Ice By Emirate Airlines

Ice Emirates
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Emirates’ in-flight entertainment, ice, focuses on customer well-being with a dedicated Happiness and Wellbeing section. Enjoy nature relaxation series, insightful documentaries, guided meditations, and curated relaxation playlists for an enriching journey.

 4. Stretching

extra leg room
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Emirates prioritises customer comfort with generous legroom in all classes. Economy and Premium Economy offer reclining seats, Business Class features lie-flat beds, and First Class provides private suites. In-flight exercises, like foot circling and neck stretches, are recommended for enhanced blood flow and mobility on long flights.

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5. Emirates Airline Serves Healthy, Locally Sourced Food

locally sourced food
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Emirates serves over 110 million nutritious and delicious meals annually across all classes, featuring fresh, regionally inspired ingredients from reputable suppliers worldwide. Bateel dates from the UAE, Monte Vibiano olive oil from Italy, and Yarra Valley feta cheese from Australia are some of the products the airlines provide.

 6. Emirates Airlines Serves Dilmah Tea For Digestion

Tea in plane
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 Emirates partners with Dilmah Tea for its flights. Dilmah teas, mainly black and green tea, aid digestion, reduce cholesterol, and offer antioxidants for improved gut and cardiovascular health. The moderate caffeine content and L-Theanine enhance mental alertness without causing jitteriness. It’s ideal for passengers navigating time zones. Chamomile Herb Infusion is also available, promoting quality sleep with its natural antioxidant properties.

 7. Hydration

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 Stay hydrated while flying with Emirates by drinking water before, during, and after your journey. The quality of onboard water is regularly monitored and deemed safe. Emirates offers water refills and provides fresh juice for First and Business Class. Passengers can also purchase electrolyte tablets for added hydration through EmiratesRed.

 8. Hydrate Your Skin With Premium Products Provided By Emirates Airlines

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 Indulge in skincare during your flight with complimentary products like Byredo, Bulgari, and Voya in First and Business Class on Emirates. Economy Class offers moisturizers from The White Company. For forgotten essentials, EmiratesRed provides a selection of top brands like Kiehls, Clinique, and La Mer, with travel sets available for purchase.

 9. Breathe 

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 Emirates’ current aircraft feature superior ventilation with air quality comparable to hospital operating theatres. The cabin air undergoes constant filtration, removing 99.997% of dust, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Non-smoking flights contribute to lower airborne pollutants. Passengers can practice deep breathing exercises for relaxation, considering the low humidity, using nasal spray and eye drops, and removing contact lenses for added comfort.

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 10. Maintain Proper Hygiene

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Emirates’ modern aircraft offer top-notch ventilation and air quality. Non-smoking flights reduce airborne pollutants. Passengers can use deep breathing exercises and consider remedies like nasal spray and eye drops for added comfort during flights.

Emirates offers passengers complimentary comfort items like blankets in sealed packaging. Lavatories contain sanitizing soap, disposable tissues, and toilet seat covers for added hygiene.

 11. Pamper Yourself To A Massage

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Indulge in a relaxing massage at Timeless Spa in the First and Business Class Lounges at Dubai International Airport. Complimentary spa treatments are available for First Class Lounge customers.

With these thoughtful amenities and services, Emirates Airlines strives to make your journey not just a means of transportation but a pleasant part of your journey. 

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