Flying Ranee: Passengers Found Torn Seats, Broken Armrests On Day 1 Of Upgrade; Western Railway Assures Repair

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Flying Ranee: Passengers Found Torn Seats, Broken Armrests On Day 1 Of Upgrade; Western Railway Assures Repair

If you follow the news, You might know that the famous Flying Ranee Express between Mumbai and Surat is now upgraded. 12921 and 12922, these two Flying Rani Express began services in a new avatar on July 16. But passengers were shocked to see the condition of the train from the inside and questioned the railway minister. They called it an old train with endless issues under the name of upgrade. 

Flying Ranee: Passengers Found Train In Worst Condition

Social media is flooded with posts where people are complaining about the condition of the upgraded Flying Ranee. 

People found that the seats were old, and some covers were also torn. There was leakage inside the coaches too. The armrest was also broken. Besides this, people could not differentiate between AC coaches and general coaches because of the overcrowding. Passengers were completely dissatisfied as their expectations with the upgraded Flying Ranee were not met. 

The train was formerly double-decker but is now single-decker, which brings its capacity down to 102 from 136. There was also no uniform colour across, and the width of the door was also very small. 

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Formerly Owned By Central Railway

They tagged Western Railways, the Indian Railway Minister, and other important officials. According to Western Railway officials, a few seats were discovered to be torn in a few places, but no passengers were inconvenienced throughout the trip because the problems were fixed right away. All of the seats in the remaining coaches are now in fine shape. 

In order to improve passenger comfort and guarantee a higher degree of safety 12922/21 Flying Ranee Express is transitioning from ICF to LHB. Additionally, with the addition of LHB carriages, the train is now capable of operating at a sectional speed of 130 kmph, enhancing punctuality. 

According to sources, the train was formerly owned by the Central Railway and operated as the Panchavati Express a few years ago between Mumbai and Manmad. However, numerous complaints from passengers there were made in 2018, according to Midday.

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