Food Vlogger Makes Dal Makhni Ice Cream Roll And Foodies Are Irritated

by Shreya Ghosh
Food Vlogger Makes Dal Makhni Ice Cream Roll And Foodies Are Irritated

The Internet is the most perfect example of ‘two sides of the same coin’. It is the greatest platform to solve all our problems with solutions and information. On the other hand, it is a weird place to see some unnecessary and bizarre content. One thing that is getting infamously viral on various social media platforms is the weird concoction of food ingredients and turning them to be unique dishes. Recently, a similar video of a food vlogger is receiving a lot of negativity on social media. In the beginning, netizens enjoyed watching such videos but now they can not stand anyone experimenting with their favourite dishes.

Food Vlogger Makes Dal Makhni Ice Cream Roll

A food vlogger posted a video on the food vlogging Instagram account ‘thegreatindianfoodie’ where the chef prepared dal makhni ice cream rolls. We can see the chef pouring dal makhni and a portion of ice cream on the ice cream roll machine’s pan. Then the chef mixes it evenly to prepare a smooth-textured paste of ice cream and dal makhni. He spreads the mixture evenly on the pan and scraps it into ice cream rolls after the weird mixture freezes. He garnishes the plate and serves it with naan and some slices of onion.

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Foodies Are Very Irritated

This is not the first time when a food vlogger is posting such a strange recipe. We have seen such infamous preparations a lot in the past and unfortunately, we will see some more in the future, as people are posting anything and everything to gain popularity. Dal makhni and ice cream are two dishes that all of us love to gorge on. When we talk about them separately, everyone is a massive fan. But when we see someone preparing a mixture of these two delicious foods, none of us really want to taste the final outcome.

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The video has gained almost 250K views, over 5,800 likes, and more than 770 comments but all this engagement is not about loving this video. Foodies are really furious after watching it. It is safe to say that this recipe has irked so many netizens all around.