Foodies On Twitter Fight Over Best Mango Variety In The Ultimate #MangoWars

by Sanjana Shenoy
Foodies On Twitter Fight Over Best Mango Variety In The Ultimate #MangoWars

Mango is the king of all fruits. Do you agree? This always poses to be the ultimate highlight of the scorching hot summer season. Aam Panna, milkshakes, jalebis, crepes, pancakes, ice creams are all infused with fresh mangoes. The utter joy of shopping for sweet fragrant Alphonso, biting into a luscious Langa and sucking on a Chausa is unparalleled. We’re no Katrina Kaif to look sexy while devouring mangoes. But the we definitely feel the abundant joy while tucking into our favourite fruit. Twitter is literally painting the town yellow with the ultimate #MangoWars . Netizens are involved in the ultimate debate to find out the best mango variety in India. Here’s how the debate fared.

Twitterati Starts #MangoWars By Calling Alphonso Overrated

The heated argument or #MangoWars started on Twitter with Yashwant Deshmukh. This Twitterati initiated the ultimate war with a controversial post stating, “Alphonso is the most overrated stuff you will ever come across. The brand-conscious Alphonso Babalog have no idea what real mango is. Try Dashahari, Chausa, Safeda and ultimate Langda/Malda. I have fired the first bullet sardaar @SankarshanT Let the war begin. #MangoWars” A user jumped onto the bandwagon stating,  “Alphonso aficionados shud not fall for YRD’s trick & stay away from helping to amplify other varieties across India.. Alphonso IS MANGO, rest are just fruits who settled for less during evolution.”

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Netizens Name Favourite Mango Varieties From Different Regions

Another netizen, a hardcore lover of the green coloured Langda mangoes stated, “East or West, Langda is the best”, said a user.“I actually hate Alphonso. Give me Langda any day. It’s alphonso that is lame, not langda.” One Alphonso fan wrote, “#MangoWars If you had eaten #Valsad and #Ratnagiri Alphonso, there would not been war on mango. #Kingalphonso 2nd would be #Kesar of Valsad/South Gujarat“. People from all across India, gathered together to discuss the different varieties that were available across different regions.

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#MangoWars Didn’t Reach Any Consensus

One mango lover hailing from Karnataka praised the Mallika variety. Another Twitterati from Goa replied on the thread, “Nothing beats the Goan Mankuraad Mango. It is rated higher than the Alphonso, which again originates from Goa. Having tasted all other types, I would say, once you try Mankurad, you won’t like anything else.” The #MangoWars ended up in a tie. It reached no consensus. Infact one netizen even dismissed mango itself as an overrated and messy fruit. He called orange the actual king of fruits. Well, what do you think? Is mango really the king of fruits? If yes, what’s your favourite variety? Mango lovers, head to Rajdhani for the ultimate mango thali during the mango season.