For ₹82K A Month, Waiter Attaches Cheese Board To His Face & Diners Eat From It; Netizens Baffled!

by Shreya Rathod
For ₹82K A Month, Waiter Attaches Cheese Board To His Face & Diners Eat From It; Netizens Baffled!

We have often come across bizarre stunts by restaurants in order to attract more customers. However, this recent video will give tough competition to others. Several online users were perplexed by a recent video that surfaced, in which a man is shown posing as a human cheese board for a couple!

Man Poses As A Cheese Board & Diners Eat From It!

The video, that surfaced on X, showed a man, possibly a waiter, sitting at a table in a restaurant and holding a cheese board up to his face to exhibit several food items. As alarming as it may sound, two guests were observed eating food right off of this cheese board from the same table. There is more to the narrative than what is immediately apparent, despite the fact that the initial reactions could bring various reactions from humour to shock.

A man and a woman were shown eating at a table with another man sitting between them in a video that was posted on Twitter on August 17 by an account called Censored Men. He was using the cheese board to deftly balance a variety of foods, including sliced fruits and wine glasses, on his face.

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The diners’ strange behaviour included picking at the fruits, slicing them up with a fork, and even sipping wine via straws. The man in the middle maintained a remarkable level of composure throughout. Would you give up your honour for $10,000 (₹82,000) each month? More than 3.5 million people watched the video on the social media site.

Netizens Express Their Outrage On The Video

X (formerly, Twitter) users expressed their outrage at the waiter’s allegedly unfair treatment in the video’s comments, prompting swift backlash. A user stated that he is just sad about this. He further asked why does the couple appear like a bad one.

Another user confessed that he felt uncomfortable while watching the video. He also remarked this is a dehumanising treatment.

A user commented that this must be a kink; and if you had a billion dollars, would you spend your money dining at weird places?

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Cover Image Courtesy: @CensoredMen/ Twitter