Rashmika Mandanna Reveals Her Weird Food Habit & We Dessert Lovers Approve! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rashmika Mandanna Reveals Her Weird Food Habit & We Dessert Lovers Approve! 

“When I’m on my cheat meal, nothing matters”, said Rashmika Mandanna to Curly Tales’s Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani during a Sunday Brunch episode. Foodie Rashmika also confessed that she can eat “anything sweet” every single day of the week. And the Pushpa actor’s latest Instagram post is proof of the same. She recently revealed her weird food habit and we dessert lovers, totally approve!

Rashmika Mandanna Orders Dessert Before Main Course On Cheat Days

Rashmika Mandanna recently took to Instagram to share her weird food habit. Cutely holding, what looks like a plate of French Toast doused in delicious sauce, with ice cream and chopped fruits, the Pushpa actor winks at the camera. Dressed in trendy casuals, wearing spectacles, Rashmika Mandanna looks delighted to dig into a beautiful plate of dessert.

In her caption, the bubbly actor confesses that on her cheat days, she always orders desserts first before her main meal. And goes on to add that a lot of her friends find this super weird. So, Rashmika Mandanna actually wants to know if this is just her or does anyone else also do this. Well, we don’t know about others, but I for one always scan the dessert menu at a restaurant first. Also, prefer to tone down on the appetisers and main course, only to leave ample room for dessert, if not more.

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She Has Many Other Weird Food Habits!

Her weird food habit confession led to a flurry of comments on Instagram. Actor Naveen Polishetty hilariously comments that he does the reverse — orders the bill before his meal. Stylist and producer, Shravya Varma commented that while Rashmika ordered the dessert they ended up demolishing it. Her fans also ended up complimenting her on her cute smile.

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Rashmika Mandanna is a foodie. And there’s no doubt about it. On our Sunday Brunch episode, the actor also stated about enjoying a weird food combination — biryani with rasam. Also goes on to say she likes to eat her grilled food with chopsticks as it helps her eat slowly and chew her food properly.

Dessert lovers, do you also like to order your dessert before the main course like Rashmika Mandanna?

Cover Image Courtesy: @rashmika_mandanna/ Instagram