Forget Drunk Dialing An Ex, This Mumbai Girl Drunk-Ordered Biryani Worth ₹2500 From Bengaluru

by Sanjana Shenoy
Forget Drunk Dialing An Ex, This Mumbai Girl Drunk-Ordered Biryani Worth ₹2500 From Bengaluru

Let’s face it, we all have hilarious and even outright embarrassing drunk stories. But some drunk escapades can be totally bizarre and even burn holes in our pockets. Take the case of a Mumbai foodie who didn’t drunk dial an ex, rather, drunk ordered biryani all the way from Bengaluru for a whopping ₹2500 from Zomato’s Intercity Legends service. And here’s what happened.

Mumbai Girl Drunk Ordered Biryani From Bengaluru

Saturday night partying turned out deliciously costly and bizarre for Twitterati, @_subiii_. The Mumbai girl took to Twitter to share her hilarious incident where she drunk ordered biryani from Bengaluru’s famous Meghana Foods on Zomato’s Intercity Legends service. The Mumbai girl in her drunk state bought herself biryani worth a whopping ₹2500 to possibly cure her hangover.

No Regrets, Just Happy Hangover!

Zomato replied to her tweet and commented that she’ll surely have a happy hangover once the order is delivered to her doorstep. The biryani got delivered from Bengaluru to Mumbai the next day between 3 pm to 6 pm. And @_subiii_ tweeted pictures of the delicious Meghana biryani. Does she regret her decision? Hell no! The picture shows a plate of lip-smacking spicy biryani with raita and salan on the side. The Mumbai foodie calls it “the best decision ever” and asks Zomato for her paycheck.

Foodies Call It The Best Decision Ever!

Netizens unanimously hailed her drunk decision, calling it the best ever. But there were Netizens who suggested she could have ordered biryani from Hyderabad instead of Bengaluru. There were others who went on to enquire if Zomato could deliver Meghana biryani to the UK instead. Hmmm.. that’s not a bad idea! After all, our NRI friends would be green with envy by now. But the best part was thanks to her tweet many desi foodies became aware of Zomato’s Intercity Legends.

Meanwhile, have you ordered anything on Zomato’s Intercity Legends? Just imagine, you could get authentic sandesh from Kolkata, biryani from Bengaluru, paya from Hyderabad, vada pav from Mumbai and whatnot. Also, do let us know what is your favourite hangover snack? We say it has got to be biryani!

Cover Image Courtesy: @_subiii_/ Twitter