Forget First Class As You Can Soon Sleep In This Airline’s Lie-Flat Economy Seats

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1119

Have you ever taken advantage of empty seats in an airplane to catch up on some sleep? Did you just lay back on the pillow and stretch your legs on the empty seats? Well, been there done that right! Now, thanks to the German Airlines, Lufthansa,  you can soon catch up on hours of sleep with the airline’s lie-flat economy seats. Lufthansa is testing sleeper rows in its economy cabin. Passengers can book an entire row of three to four seats which can be converted into a bed. So ready to catch up on some sleep mid-flight? Read on to know more.

Lufthansa To Roll Out Sleeper Rows In Economy Cabin

If you’ve always felt green with envy looking at business class passengers’  cosy big seats, then here’s why you can now rejoice. Lufthansa currently tests sleeper rows in its economy cabins. Passengers can book three to four seats and transform it into a bed during long haul flights. Infact they can also get soft topper mattress, blanket and even a cushion for extra comfort. The airline is testing these lie-flat seats on flights between Frankfurt and Sao Paulo until mid-December.

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Passengers Can Book Row Of Three To Four Seats On Long Haul Flights

In the future, passengers who book on Lufthansa long-haul flights can get an option to upgrade to a sleeper row. They can do this during check-in or at the gate. So they can get a row of three to four seats all for themselves during the entire flight. Extra perks like boarding the plane first along with cushions, blanket and topper mattress is another bonus. It costs £196 ( 17,353 approx) for a one-way upgrade, which they cant book in advance.  While this is in the early stages of testing, Lufthansa Group announced to the media that these sleeper rows will be rolled out depending on passenger feedback.

Picture Credits: CNN

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Mirror reports that currently, most economy cabins don’t offer beds to passengers on long journeys. Pushing back your seat is a convenient option, but it can be uncomfortable for the passenger behind you.  Getting your own space to rest during long flights is the need of the hour amid COVID-19. Now while we wait for more flights to roll out economy sleeper rows, here’s a video of a passenger’s experience of flying from India to Saudi Arabia amid the pandemic. 

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