Former U-16 Woman Footballer Who Represented India In UK & Germany Now Works As A Food Delivery Agent

by Shreya Ghosh
Former U-16 Woman Footballer Who Represented India In UK & Germany Now Works As A Food Delivery Agent

Sport is a dominating source of entertainment for Indians. Though cricket is loved by crores in the country, football, hockey, and other sports too have an exciting fanbase all across India. Unfortunately, it is still not the first career choice for many because of fewer chances and opportunities to earn well to run the family. We often hear such stories and today is yet another day where a story about an Indian footballer is surfacing on social media. A former U-16 woman footballer is now working as a food delivery agent to meet daily ends meet.

The Former U-16 Woman Footballer Now Works As A Food Delivery Agent

A Twitter user named Sanjukta Choudhury took to her Twitter handle to share the story of Polami Adhikary. Check out the video here!

Polami Adhikary is a former U-16 level footballer who played for India in Germany, Sri Lanka, and the UK. Though she gave it all for football, the sport in return could not provide her with the things she need the most.

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What Is Polami Doing Now?

Polami is currently working as a Zomato food delivery agent and also continuing her studies at Charuchandra college. She had to take up the job because of difficult financial situations. She shared in the video that she lives with her father and is the only earning member of her family. She was very young when she lost her mother and now lives alone with her father in Behala. Polami earns about ₹300-₹400 a day working as a food delivery executive. On some days, she even earns as low as ₹150.

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Social media is truly a blessing for many. The video did not take much time to reach the concerned people. Polami got a call from the Indian Football Association officials. Netizens are commenting on how the situation is quite similar for many sportspeople in the country. Some even pointed out how will this country have world-class sportspeople if they face such financial difficulties.

We can now only wish that the former footballer gets back what she deserves and score goals for the country.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sanjukta Choudhury (@SanjuktaChoudh5)