The Himalayas Has A Beautiful Hand-Crafted Luxury Resort Called ShivAdya

by Jinal Inamdar
The Himalayas Has A Beautiful Hand-Crafted Luxury Resort Called ShivAdya

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ShivAdya is a gorgeous handcrafted resort amidst the mountains, valleys and apple orchards of Manali.

What Is It?

Located in the beautiful environment of Manali, the resort boasts of unmatched views of forests, valleys and mountains. The construction was done keeping in mind a true Himalayan feel, yet giving away those luxury vibes.

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Garden seating
Garden seating with apple orchards at ShivAdya

The mastermind behind the resort is Ritesh Sood, who has been in the travel industry for about 17 years. His passion for bringing to life this resort and 2 and a half years of labor has made ShivAdya what it is. Also, the name of the resort is derived from the names of Ritesh’s two children Shiv and Adya. I was put up at ShivAdya through WIYO Travel, who had planned my itinerary meticulously. A luxurious stay amidst the hills is a dream come true. And thanks to Jay Kantawala, the owner of Wiyo Travel, who gives a lot of attention to details, I had a room with a perfect view.

In fact, after a hectic 6-day road trip across Ladakh and then to Manali, the tour company knew what the guests would need. It was interesting to walk around with the founder of ShivAdya delved deeper into what went behind the making.

ShivAdya Resort & Spa
ShivAdya Resort & Spa, Manali

ShivAdya-The Structure

They’ve adapted a great eco-friendly concept of using just raw stones, mud and wood. This helps the hotel visually blend in the surroundings. The architecture derives its inspiration from neighboring villages, colonial bungalows and temples.

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The rooms have been named after the Himachali villages, passes and mountain ranges; and are divided into luxury, elite and royal rooms. Every room has a different bed post and the wood used differs based on the expense of the rooms. There are a total of 15 rooms in the resort, all nestled inside cosy cottages. And you have to really see it to believe it. The ceiling, floor, walls everything has been made by hand.

The Elite Room
The Elite Room, ShivAdya Resort

Taala- The Dining At ShivAdya

It was the first ever time, I walked into a restaurant that had no menu! Ritesh felt this gave the customers the liberty to ask for anything they wanted to have, and also it does not limit the creativity of the chefs. And this is quite the USP of the hotel. Food is actually made, to order! Try their methi chicken and you are sure to fall in love with chicken all over again.

You will notice the hallways and rooms are an ode to Himachal, with its local paintings and artwork hangings.

ShivAdya also has a spa called Bouri which caters to its customers with couple and individual massages and has a Jacuzzi to relax in later.

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Gazing at the view from the balcony

What Else?

There is no end to the number of activities that you can indulge in, if put up at ShivAdya. You just need to make up your mind between just relaxing a spa, a bonfire, trout fishing or even mountain biking. ShivAdya has an exhaustive list to choose from! The resort is all in all a great place to retreat yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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