Free Camping Provided At H2O House in Chamba

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Free Camping Provided At H2O House in Chamba

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Detoxify your body and mind at this beautiful homestay provided by NotOnMap situated in Chamba, a valley in the majestic lands of Himachal Pradesh.

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What Is It?

‘H2O House’ is a 100 years old ancestral property surrounded by the wonders of nature, secluded amidst the green mountains and a stream gushing by in the vicinity.

Imagine sitting on the terrace with only views of trembling leaves from the branches of the old alpine trees and sipping on a hot cup of tea while you hear the soft rhythmic sounds of the river flowing by – if this isn’t a moment of tranquility then what is? H2O House offers all of this for free for an entire three days – it really is something to be added to the bucket list.

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What’s In It?

Along with a natural and pristine setting in the backdrop, you could also indulge in activities like fishing or long drive thrills in the valley by renting a car from a nearby car rental service – which you will have to pay for, of course, not everything in this world comes for free now does it. Along with this, you will have to pay for your meals starting from INR 150 and firewood which can be used to keep you warm.

Sit by and relax, grab a book to read or just enjoy listening to the hypnotizing sounds of nature, but make sure you visit this place.

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To confirm your dates email NotOnMap and keep them informed in advance.

WhereH2O House, Village Chaminoo, P.O. Barour, Distt. Chamba, Himachal Pradesh