French Daredevil Known For Climbing Highest Skyscrapers Falls Off 68th Floor In Hong Kong; Dies

by Shreya Shriyan
French Daredevil Known For Climbing Highest Skyscrapers Falls Off 68th Floor In Hong Kong; Dies

While we all seek a little adventure in our life, there are a few who actually take it to the next level. And while we envy them, the risks they take can’t be ignored. Sometimes, these risks overcome their ultimate goal and lead to tragic endings. And that was also the faith of this famous French Daredevil who tragically met his demise, in Hong Kong. 

French Daredevil Falls To Death From Hong Kong’s 68th Floor


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Remi Lucidi, the 30-year-old French daredevil known for extreme sports, performed stunts that required immense courage. Tragically, he met his demise while climbing the 68-story Tregunter Tower complex in Hong Kong, stated reports.

Hong Kong officials observed Mr Lucidi at the building around 6 pm, and he informed the security guard that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, reported NDTV. The media outlet stated that the security gate attempted to halt him after confirming that the alleged friend didn’t know Mr Lucidi. 

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But he had already entered an elevator by then, stated the report. As per the report, CCTV footage captured Mr Lucidi arriving on the 49th floor and later ascending the stairs to the building’s rooftop.

People discovered an open hatch leading to the roof, but the man was nowhere to be found

Thrill Seeker Meets His Untimely Demise While Climbing A Tower

The South China Morning Post reported that he fell to his death during the climb. As per the reports, it was evident that he got trapped outside the top-floor penthouse, desperately knocking on a window, which startled a maid inside.

The maid was reported to have called the police but the climber had by then lost his footing and had fallen before the officers arrived. As per reports by South China Morning Post, He was declared dead at the scene. 

Police found the climber’s sports camera, which contained some videos of extreme sports and his French Identity card. This helped them identify who the climber was and if he was a tourist in the country. 

An official cause of death hasn’t been determined by the police as of yet. But, it could be highly anticipated that the climber’s fall lead to his death. Remi’s Instagram shows his many adventures of him carrying out such stunts.

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From standing on top of trains to climbing high towers, it can be said the climber himself didn’t expect the tragic end. With his experience and skills, it was definitely a shock to anyone who followed his work on social media.

Cover image courtesy: Remi Lucidi’s Instagram/ @remnigma