From Accident Reporting To Driverless Patrol Vehicles, AI To Revolutionise Dubai Police Operations

by Deeplata Garde
From Accident Reporting To Driverless Patrol Vehicles, AI To Revolutionise Dubai Police Operations

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, the Dubai Police are on the cusp of launching an AI-driven system that promises to revolutionize accident reporting and fault determination. This innovative approach is set to save valuable time and resources, streamlining the accident reporting process and making it more user-friendly than ever before.

Revolutionizing Accident Reporting With AI

The forthcoming service offers a streamlined process for drivers involved in accidents with another vehicle or object, provided there are no injuries, excluding those caused by alcohol intoxication. In such cases, individuals can easily obtain a traffic accident report, simplifying subsequent interactions with their insurance company and expediting the rest of the procedures.

In a collaborative effort between Digital Dubai and the Dubai Police, this groundbreaking service is seamlessly integrated into the DubaiNow app, specifically within the vehicles and security services section. Once an accident is reported, users can anticipate receiving a Dubai Police report via email or text message. To add to the convenience, users can log in using UAE PASS, which automatically pinpoints their geographic location, further enhancing the efficiency of the service.

Dubai Police App Introduces AI-Powered Fault Determination

While this innovation benefits users in various scenarios, it shines most brightly when addressing minor traffic accidents. With a straightforward and rapid process, customers can report these incidents and promptly obtain a Dubai Police report. The application of AI in this context not only speeds up the reporting process but also ensures the utmost accuracy in determining the party at fault.

The introduction of AI into the Dubai Police app represents a significant leap forward in the integration of technology into public services. It underscores the incredible potential of AI in enhancing efficiency and precision in day-to-day tasks. This initiative aligns with the broader digital transformation strategy in Dubai. It aims to establish the city as one of the world’s most intelligent and digitally interconnected urban centres.

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AI-Powered Vehicles

Dubai Police has revealed its autonomous security patrol vehicles, with a primary focus on enhancing safety in residential areas. These vehicles are scheduled for deployment next year. It boasts an impressive 15-hour battery life and the capability to reach speeds of up to 7 km/h.

Tailored for residential zones, the primary goal of these patrols is to enhance security coverage. These vehicles, equipped with advanced cameras,  offer a 360-degree view, making them highly efficient in their surveillance tasks.

Furthermore, thanks to their smart technology and artificial intelligence. These driverless units can identify criminal activities, recognize faces, and read license plates on vehicles. The initial phase will see the deployment of five of these roving cars. Each will be equipped with six smart cameras for comprehensive road monitoring. Their primary mission will be to oversee the activities of over 45,000 delivery drivers in Dubai daily. This will ensure a secure and efficient environment.

In conclusion, the integration of AI into the Dubai Police app for accident reporting is a monumental advancement. It simplifies the process for users and guarantees fault determination with high accuracy.

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