From Canada Plane Crash Near Mine To Loose Bolts On Boeing 737 MAX; 5 Aviation News Updates For You

From India to Canada, many news updates have come in the aviation sector.

by Anupriya Mishra
From Canada Plane Crash Near Mine To Loose Bolts On Boeing 737 MAX; 5 Aviation News Updates For You

There are many developments taking place across the globe. In fact, in the aviation sector alone, several developments have happened overnight! So, keeping all the news updates in mind we have prepared a list. From India to Canada, many news updates warrant your attention. Take a look at some.

1. Passenger Trying To Open Emergency Door On Air Canada Flight, Restrained

Air Canada
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

On an Air Canada flight, AC855, an elderly man who was aboard the flight has to be restrained. This was done as he attempted to open the emergency door during mid flight. He was pulled from the door by the airline staff, after which he was restrained for the duration of the flight. After speaking to the man, however, it was established that this had not been intentional and he had later been sent on his way.

2. Delta Airline Plane Loses Nose Tyre While Taxing

delta airlines us marshal
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

A plane of this airline lost its nose tyre when it was taxiing to prepare for a departure. This incident took place at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Flight 982 on a Boeing 757, was ready for take-off to Bogota, Colombia. However, a nose tyre came loose from the landing gear.

3. 6 Killed In Canada Plane Crash

Plane Crash
Pic credits: Canva

A small commuter plane, which was carrying workers to a remote mine in Canada ended up crashing after it just took off. This happened on Tuesday, January 23, and ended up claiming six lives. The Jetstream twin turboprop airliner, which is operated by Northwestern Air went down just 1.1 km from the end of the runway.

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4. Alaska Airlines Finds Loose Bolts On Several Boeing 737 MAX 9 Planes


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In a recent inspection conducted by Alaska Airlines, the CEO mentioned that it found loose bolts on several Boeing 737 Max 9 aeroplanes. This inspection was carried out by the airline after its Flight 1282 was forced to make an emergency landing on January 5, when a door blew off at the height of 16,000 feet. On January 8, the airline reported that its technicians had identified some loose hardware on certain planes of the 737 Max 9.

5. Myanmar Plane Crash-Lands Into Bush At Mizoram Airport

nepal plane crash
Pic Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A plane, which had to take back 92 Myanmarese soldiers, who crossed over to India after a gunfight with ethnic groups, crash-landed into a bush. While all the 14 passengers of the small military plane had a miraculous escape, this happened because the plane overshot the runway. The incident took place near Aizwal and the people on board suffered minor injuries!

We hope you were able to stay updated with aviation news!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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