From Creel In Mexico To Thái Hải In Vietnam, These Are The 32 Best Villages According To UNTWO

by Shreya Rathod
From Creel In Mexico To Thái Hải In Vietnam, These Are The 32 Best Villages According To UNTWO

Globalisation and the pandemic have changed the perspective of people toward tourism. It is no more about the most visited or most popular destinations, but about off-beat and unique places where people want to travel. With an intent to push this thought forward and create more job opportunities through tourism, the World Tourism Organisation has started an initiative ‘Best Tourism Villages’. Here is what this programme is all about and how it can affect the modern tourism industry.

Best Tourism Village By UNTWO

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According to the World Tourism Organisation, they recognise the efforts of rural villages to become tourist destinations by implementing innovative ideas. Of the tourist destinations which were put forward by fifty-seven countries(UNTWO members), thirty-two villages made to the list. The initiative has goals of developing infrastructure and increasing investment. Further, this will help combat the depopulation of rural areas, which has become an issue. Also, they are trying to fight gender and development inequalities.

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Places Worth Visiting

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Among other entries, Choke Mountain Village was an interesting one. The small village situated in the northwest of the Ethiopian capital is known for eco-tourism. The villagers use solar energy and have ecological waste management methods. Further, they promote buying local goods like coffee, honey, etc. The members had to put forward three tourist destinations, and only Spain succeeded in listing all three villages namely Guadalupe, Rupit, and Alquézar. However, only one entry from Portugal made it to the list.

Further, the name of the thirty-two villages are as follows:

• Creel, Mexico
• Kfar Kama, Israel
• Aguarico, Ecuador
• Zell am See, Austria
• Puqueldón, Chile
• Wagrain, Austria
• Dazhai, China
• Angochagua, Ecuador
• Jingzhu, China
• Sauris Zahre, Italy
• Choachí, Colombia
• Choke Mountains Ecovillage, Ethiopia
• Mestia, Georgia
• Isola del Giglio, Italy
• Ksar Elkhorbat, Morocco
• Umm Qais, Jordan
• El Fuerte, Mexico
• Andermatt, Switzerland
• Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco
• Raqchi, Peru
• AlUla Old Town, Saudi Arabia
• Lamas, Peru
• Castelo Novo, Portugal
• Pyeongsa-ri, Republic of Korea
• Bohinj, Slovenia
• Guadalupe, Spain
• Rasinari, Romania
• Alquézar, Spain
• Birgi, Türkiye
• Murten, Switzerland
• Rupit, Spain
• Thái Hải, Vietnam

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