From Espresso To Mocha, Here Is The Perfect Coffee:Milk For Your Next Coffee Order

Let’s spill all the beans!

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Espresso To Mocha, Here Is The Perfect Coffee:Milk For Your Next Coffee Order

Do you smell the goodness of toasty aroma? It seems like something is brewing! A freshly brewed and steaming cup of coffee! That is some cool beans! The world has a massive amount of coffee lovers and along with that, there are a plethora of coffee varieties. The different types of coffee orders can get quite confusing for some. We have simplified some of the basic coffee:milk ratio so that you can understand and order an excellent cup of coffee and enjoy the rich and yummy coffee bean juice.

A Guide To Coffee:Milk Ratio In Coffee Orders

1. Espresso

You may have seen espresso being served in small glasses as a shot with a perfect layer of crema. It is a popular drink invented in Italy, where there is no use for milk. Instead, this strongly concentrated drink is made by passing a small amount of hot water under high pressure through some finely ground coffee beans. It is considered to have more caffeine content than any other coffee beverage.

2. Mocha

This popular drink from Yemen is known for its rich and sweet chocolate flavour mixed with the goodness of coffee. This beverage is prepared with a combination of 2 portions of steamed milk and 1 portion each of coffee and chocolate syrup. The result is a gorgeous cup of mocha with a thick layer of foam on top. To elevate it more, whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a dusting of cocoa powder are added.

3. Latte

This Italian coffee drink is one of the creamiest beverages out there, with a coffee:milk ratio of 1:3. Basically, you take an espresso and top it off with steaming, extremely frothy milk. It leaves a beautiful foam on top and makes it perfect for latte art. If you prefer it cold, then just add lots of ice cubes to your drink.

4. Affogato

Ice cream and coffee lovers unite at Affogato! It is a delicious coffee-based dessert beverage. It is made with a freshly prepared shot of espresso and topped off with a huge scoop of ice cream. This drink originated in Italy, hence, the ice cream is gelato and the ratio is 1:1. Relish the delicately smooth textures of gelato with strong flavours of Affogato.

5. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is another popular drink that originated in Italy. It is equal parts espresso, steamed milk and light milk foam on top. It has a very creamy texture with a balance of coffee flavours. If you want to have an authentic cappuccino, then you have to have more foam than the liquid beneath it. It also has cute art on top as well.

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6. Flat White

This Australian beverage is a simple concoction of steamed milk over a freshly poured espresso with a thin, silky microfoam on top. The foam should be less airy and bubbly so that the other textures are prominent. The coffee:milk ratio of this beverage is 1:2 and it is known for its velvety texture.

7. Cortado

This is a perfectly balanced coffee order with a 1:1 ratio of steamed milk and coffee. It is the famous coffee from Spain that intends to even out the strong and bitter flavour of coffee with less foamy milk. It is served in a small glass and the silky texture is the highlight of this drink.

8. Red Eye

This drink from the United States of America has a higher caffeine content. It is done by adding a single shot of espresso to an entire cup of regular drip coffee. This beverage is sans milk or milky foam. You may add huge chunks of ice and make it a perfect on-the-go morning drink.

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Woah, that is a lot of coffee! Now that you understand the basic types of coffee, you can order the perfect cup of coffee for your next order.

Have a brew-tiful day!

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