From Flak To Indifference, Woman In Bikini On Delhi Bus Gets Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Netizens are angry and slamming the woman for wearing a bikini and travelling on a bus.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Flak To Indifference, Woman In Bikini On Delhi Bus Gets Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Summer season is showing its worst side this year. It’s just the month of April and stepping outside during the day is horrifying. Irrespective of wearing light-coloured cotton clothes and covering our entire body from being exposed to the scorching sun rays, the heat and temperature still eat into our peace. Amid all the alarming weather updates, a Delhi woman was spotted travelling on a local bus wearing just a bikini. Her video has gone massively viral on social media sparking conversations among Netizens.

Woman Boarded A Bus In Delhi Wearing Just A Bikini

Taking to X, زماں (@Delhiite_) shared the video of the woman doing such an unusual thing in a public place.

The shocking video surfacing online shows a woman boarding a local bus in the national capital. She was wearing just a bikini while travelling on the bus. It has not been much longer since the bizarre incident was captured by a person travelling on the same bus. Once the video started to make rounds on social media, it literally took no time to become viral. It has clearly become the talk of the town and the episode has been making headlines, raising eyebrows, and turning heads.

The viral video shows how other passengers on that bus were extremely stunned to see the woman in that attire. A woman standing near her moved away from there. There were a few men as well who got irked by her and moved to other corners of the bus. Seeing the woman in a bikini travelling on a Delhi bus is nothing but majorly surprising for everyone. From people who saw her walk on the streets to passengers on the bus to Netizens who watched the video online were clearly in shock.

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Netizens Are Furious!

Social media users are sick of watching such bizarre videos of people doing anything to grab attention. Calling it a stunt to draw fame on social media, Netizens are pointing out how people can do anything just for a few likes and comments. Some people even commented how a bikini is not a proper attire to wear on a bus but rather for a pool party. Her way of coping with the Delhi heat has clearly backfired.

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There were a few mixed reactions as well.

What are your views on this video?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ زماں (@Delhiite_)

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