From Jaipur To Pune, These New Cities Are Becoming The Rising Pulse Of India’s Cocktail Scene

With a rising youth population, these cities are witnessing a surge in a young, dynamic, and aspirational demographic.

by Tejashee Kashyap
From Jaipur To Pune, These New Cities Are Becoming The Rising Pulse Of India’s Cocktail Scene

In recent years, the bar-hopping scene in India has undergone a significant transformation, transcending beyond the traditional hotspots like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Other cities across the country are emerging as new hubs for cocktail scene, challenging the conventional narrative and redefining the nightlife landscape. For 30BestBarsIndia ‘s annual list of Top 50 bars, a few of them are also from Pune, Jaipur, Guwahati and more.

Shifts In Cocktail & Alcohol Preferences

These cities are experiencing economic growth and infrastructural development, leading to increased job opportunities and higher disposable incomes. As more individuals find stable employment and financial stability, there is a natural inclination towards leisure activities, including diverse tastes for cocktails and socialising. This economic growth is instrumental in creating a conducive environment for the establishment of bars, clubs, and lounges. With a rising youth population, these cities are witnessing a surge in a young, dynamic, and aspirational demographic.

The Top 50 bars this year stand out for improving their products by recognising growing customer tastes towards contemporary experiences, such as handmade cocktails filled with fresh flavours and natural ingredients and backed by fascinating stories. Bars are rising to the occasion by increasing their investments in talent, quality, ambience, and aesthetics. This trend, fueled by increased income, is not limited to metropolitan cities but may also be found in smaller cities.

As these cities embrace modernity and global influences, they are carving a niche for themselves in the national cocktail circuit. The convergence of demographic shifts, economic growth, and changing social attitudes is propelling tier two cities into the limelight of India’s cocktail scene.

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Which Tier Two Cities Love Cocktails?


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Tier two cities are increasingly becoming hosts to cultural events and festivals that incorporate elements of music, art, and nightlife. Additionally, these events act as catalysts for local businesses, attracting a diverse crowd and contributing to the growth of the local cocktail scene.

With an outstanding mix of craft beer locations, inventive cocktail programmes, and a strong emphasis on sustainability, Pune continues to push the frontiers in alco-bev. What is its secret? Talented entrepreneurs, a young population, and the rise of cocktail-focused establishments are all factors. So, innovative ecological initiatives are interwoven into everyday practices at the bars. You can take the example of reusing fruit peels to create in-house syrups for cocktails.

Jaipur‘s bars are elevating mixology by emphasising indigenous tastes, robust bar programmes, and one-of-a-kind drinking experiences. Two Jaipur bars have made the Top 50 list this year. So, look for Styled cocktails, theatre, and interactive experiences while you’re there. The two bars are Bar Palladio and Native Cocktail Room.

Kolkata is increasingly important in shaping India’s cocktail culture. With five bars on the Top 50 List, the city is quickly becoming a hotspot for inventive cocktails. This is attracting beverage connoisseurs from across the country. The creation of robust bar programmes and experienced bartending staff is a crucial driver of this rise. Moreover, be on the lookout for experimentation with novel ingredients and a greater emphasis on crafting high-quality ice programmes.

It will be fascinating to observe how these cities continue to shape and redefine their identities as vibrant hubs for drinking in the years to come. So, which city are you excited to see in the cocktail scene?

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