The Mahua Marvel! Explore Mohulo Gin’s Cultural Narrative, Exclusive Cocktail Recipe, & More!

From its cultural roots and innovative distillation techniques to an exclusive cocktail recipe, here’s all about India's first sipping gin, Mohulo.

by Mallika Khurana
The Mahua Marvel! Explore Mohulo Gin’s Cultural Narrative, Exclusive Cocktail Recipe, & More!

In the vast world of spirits, where juniper-laden elixirs weave tales in every sip, there emerges a revelation, a transcendence that unfolds in the form of Mohulo, India’s pioneering masterpiece in the renaissance of gin. Mohulo is a gin that takes centre stage as India’s vibrant landscape comes to life. It is a saga that has been painstakingly crafted by virtuoso Jamie Baxter, a master distiller whose expertise is evident in every subtle drop of this exceptional libation. His idea became the first sipping gin in India, a smooth, elegant drink meant to be enjoyed as an experience similar to the subtlety of aged spirits or the elegance of single malts rather than just a base for cocktails. 

First Of All, What Makes Mohulo Unique? 

Photo Credits: Press Release

Setting the scene, Mohulo’s master distiller, Jamie Baxter, emphasises the purpose of the brand’s development. It’s not just about crafting another gin; it’s about crafting an experience. Intending to reinvent the gin experience, Mohulo breaks from the conventional gin experience. Baxter highlights the idea of consuming gin, an idea that has not been thoroughly examined in the gin world before. The Mahua flower is the focal point of this carefully curated collection of botanicals. Baxter eloquently notes, “The invention of India’s first sipping gin actually stemmed from this concept!”

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Mahua, The Star Ingredient Of This Gin

Photo Credits: Mohulo/Website

Baxter unveils the inspiration behind Mahua’s inclusion, shedding light on the deeper cultural roots and significance of this botanical. The Mahua flower is more than just a flavour; it represents a rich cultural heritage that is intricately woven into Indian communities. Mahua was the subject of extensive testing in Baxter’s quest to understand the language; the Baiga tribe relied on Mahua for sustenance, and Mahua was highly revered among the locals as the “tree of life.” “The origins that Mahua comes with and its decades-old legacy were a story worth telling for us,” Baxter emphasises, reflecting the emotional and historical weight behind this botanical selection.

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Mohulo Is Also Preserved For A Minimum Of 3 Weeks

Photo Credits: Mohulo/Website

Baxter demystifies the unique preservation process adopted for Mohulo. While similar in principle to preservation methods used in artisanal gin production, the precise three-week period holds a special significance. This period serves as a crucial phase where flavours harmonise and meld together before bottling. Baxter clarifies that there is “a short saturation period that is important for the flavours to melt together.” This meticulous stage of preservation also plays a pivotal role in refining Mohulo’s taste and aroma, setting it apart in the realm of gin craftsmanship.

The Cocktail Recipe That Embodies Its Spirit 

Cocktail recipe
Photo Credits: Press Release


  • 50ml Jasmine-infused gin
  • 10ml Bianco
  • 25ml peach and lemongrass cordial
  • 50ml Tonic


  1. Simply combine all the ingredients and gently mix. 
  2. The fusion of jasmine-infused gin, Bianco’s sweetness, fruity notes from the cordial, and the refreshing tonic create a harmonious blend.
  3. Rim the glass with lemon curd for a tangy twist, complementing the drink’s sweetness.

The result? A refreshing, floral-infused cocktail that beautifully showcases Mohulo’s unique character, inviting you on a sensory journey through India’s botanical heritage.

Mohulo stands as a testament to the artistry and storytelling woven into every drop of this exceptional sipping gin.

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