From July 1, Indians Need To Follow New Visa Rules To Study In Australia; From Who’s Impacted To Changes, Here’s All You Need To Know

The new regulations also impact temporary graduates.

by Nikitha Sebastian
From July 1, Indians Need To Follow New Visa Rules To Study In Australia; From Who’s Impacted To Changes, Here’s All You Need To Know

Important changes are coming to Australian visa regulations, particularly impacting Indian students and temporary graduates. These new visa rules, effective from July 1, 2024, aim to streamline the application process in Australia and ensure genuine intentions among visa seekers.

New Visa Rules For Indians In Australia

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A significant shift involves student visas. Previously, individuals could apply for a student visa while already in Australia on specific visas like a visitor or temporary graduate. However, under the new rules, all student visa applications must be submitted from outside the country. This ensures the Australian government assesses applicants with a genuine desire to study in Australia, not simply extend their stay.

The new regulations also impact temporary graduates. The Australian government encourages them to explore job opportunities that could lead to employer-sponsored visas or permanent residency if they wish to stay beyond their visa expiry. This aligns with other reforms, including shorter post-study work rights and stricter English language requirements.

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Graduates In Limbo

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The “Graduates in Limbo” report by the Grattan Institute highlights that many temporary graduates previously opted for further study to extend their stay. With the reduced post-study work rights, this option becomes less viable. Careful planning for job opportunities or exploring offshore applications for student visas is crucial for Indian graduates seeking an extended stay in Australia.

Prospective students can apply for their student visa overseas and travel to Australia while awaiting a decision. However, they must hold a valid visa permitting entry and stay during this waiting period. Notably, offshore student visa applicants cannot apply for a bridging visa to remain in Australia while their application is processed.

Certain visa holders in Australia are now prohibited from applying for a student visa while inside the country. This includes temporary graduate, maritime crew, and visitor visa subclasses. Additionally, specific subclasses related to domestic work and diplomatic roles were already ineligible to apply for student visas from within Australia.

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While these reforms may seem complex, they aim to create a more transparent and efficient visa system. Indian students and temporary graduates should carefully consider these changes when planning their studies and career paths in Australia.

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