Mean Comments Flood Video Of Indian Chef In Australia Who Couldn’t Attract Crowd For Food Tasting; Netizens React

Mean comments about the lack of hygiene in Indian food dominated the video initially but were soon replaced by wholesome comments by kind netizens.

by Tashika Tyagi
Mean Comments Flood Video Of Indian Chef In Australia Who Couldn’t Attract Crowd For Food Tasting; Netizens React

By now, we’re sure you must have seen the video of an Indian chef in Australia who was not able to pull the crowd to his stall to taste his food. The now-viral video has been shared on multiple social media platforms and accounts and has attracted a lot of views and comments. Sharing some of these, an X (formerly Twitter) user called out the many mean comments about Indian food and why the chef was probably not able to attract the crowd “because he is Indian”.

Mean Comments On Sad Video Of Indian Chef In Australia

X (formerly Twitter) user, @salonivxrse, shared the viral video of the Indian chef in Australia, Padam Vyas, who wasn’t able to attract a crowd for food tasting. In the post, she called out the mean comments in the video and called them “racist.” She even shared some screenshots of the comments to make her point.

The X user talked about how there could have been many reasons why people didn’t try the Indian chefs’ food. However, the comments under the video “were solely about his race and stereotyping Indians to be unhygienic.”

Many of these comments talked about how they have seen unhygienic Indian street food videos and would rather skip it than try it out from a stall. She then went on to point out how “online racism transcends into real life” and affects hard-working people like this chef in Australia.

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Netizens React & Show Support For The Chef Online

Indian chef Australia
Image Courtesy: Instagram/thecolonialrestaurants

As always, the Internet being the awesome place that it is, made sure that the chef’s day improves! Hundreds of people commented cute and wholesome messages about wanting to try Padam Vyas’ delicious-looking food and how they wished they were in Australia to give it a try. Here are some comments you cannot miss.




comments on post

Many people called out the mean comments in the comments as well.


This is probably one of the biggest reasons we love the Internet! Share your two cents on this in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@salonivxrse

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