From Liquor Price Surge To Fire In Gandhi Nagar Market, Here Are All The Latest Delhi News Updates

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Liquor Price Surge To Fire In Gandhi Nagar Market, Here Are All The Latest Delhi News Updates

In this hustle and bustle of everyday life, as we juggle between our professional and personal lives, we rarely get any time to read news. But do not worry! We have your back. Here are the latest Delhi news updates to help you stay updated with all the important happenings in the capital city. From a surge in liquor prices in Gurugram to the famous Gandhi market being caught in fire, here are the updates for you!

Latest Delhi News Updates

1. Surge In Liquor Prices In Gurugram Due To Shortage In Delhi

Credits: Canva

Surprisingly, as a result of the dearth of booze brands in Delhi, the cost of alcohol has surged in Gurugram, India. Due to the issue, many people have travelled to Gurugram to buy their chosen brands. Taking advantage of the situation, Gurugram businesses have ceased giving discounts and instead hiked prices to keep up with the demand. The city’s beer prices have also been impacted by this price increase.

2. 20 People Get Trapped In Giant Wheel At Ramlila Maidan

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At Ramlila Maidan in the far north of Delhi, a massive wheel developed a technical problem, requiring the rescue of about 20 people, including 12 women and four children. Twenty people—four men, 12 women, and four children—were safely removed from the swing after two fire tenders were dispatched to the scene. 

3. Minor Fire Broke Out At Delhi’s Gandhi Market 

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On Thursday morning in Gandhi Nagar market in East Delhi, a small fire started in a building, according to fire officials. The fire, which was reported at 9 am, did not result in any injuries. According to a Delhi Fire Service official, the fire started in the building’s basement, where some machines were kept. It took 30 minutes to extinguish the fire after four fire tenders were called to duty.

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4. Delhi Air Quality Continues To Worsen

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With an Air Quality Index (AQI) rating of 117 on October 18, the National Capital’s air quality was classified as “moderate.” ‘Moderate’ air quality was assigned to Delhi today by SAFAR-India. ‘Moderate’ air quality is also what the government’s air quality monitoring service predicts for the city tomorrow.

5. Flyers Caught With 1.5 Lakh Peacock Feathers At IGI Airport

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Four Indian travellers headed to Bangkok were stopped by customs officers at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport on Tuesday, and 1.5 lakh pieces of peacock tail feathers were taken. These four travellers, according to the customs agent, checked in at the airport, and their luggage was loaded onto the aircraft. However, a crew from customs acted quickly and summoned the suitcases back after the inspectors obtained exact information. The official stated that they also had peacock feathers in them. 

6. Delhi University Students Conduct A Pride Vigil

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On Wednesday, a group of Delhi University students conducted a Pride vigil at the arts faculty to express their displeasure with the Supreme Court’s decision to rule against legalizing same-sex marriage and assert that only Parliament could do it. The vigil attracted over 100 people. It was the judgement of the court that dashed the hopes of many members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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