From Momos To Bun Maska, These Are The Things Uorfi Javed Really Likes

Uorfi Javed is a massive foodie and loves pani puri with ragda.

by Ankita Mazumdar
From Momos To Bun Maska, These Are The Things Uorfi Javed Really Likes

Uorfi Javed met our anchor, Arohi Thatte, for an episode of Tere Gully Mein. From conversing about Lucknow and Mumbai to discussing her fashion style in depth to indulging in yummy food along the lanes of Vile Parle, they had a blast. We learned that she is not a big fan of street food but she does have some go-to food items. She enjoyed pani puri and momos, among other dishes.

The Foodie In Uorfi Javed Loves To Eat These Things

Uorfi Javed is a foodie and we loved to explore the lanes of Vile Parle and its street food with her. On this great food trail, we got to know that she doesn’t really love to eat street food regularly and prefers home-cooked food. Some of them are pani puri in classic Mumbai style with ragda, ras malai, rabdi, motichoor laddu, bun maska with rabdi, steamed veg momos with spicy chutney, chai, star fruit, imli, and mutton. Some food items are also given a nice Uorfi Javed style twist to make them unique. Watch the video linked above to learn more in detail!

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She Loves The Attention!

Uorfi Javed
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While they were eating steamy momos, Arohi said that only a small section of people take her fashion sense and popularity into consideration and that too in a positive manner. She also added that good things come along with bad things when you are in the public eye. This small group of people was mainly pointed towards the paparazzi team. To which Uorfi Javed replied, “But I chose to be in the public eye…I wanted this, so I can’t pretend I am not loving it. I love the attention!”

She was questioned again about the trolls and how she deals with them. Uorfi Javed replied that pros and cons are everywhere and whatever you do, you do get trolled. She also changed the course of the conversation with a witty reply, “I don’t have to deal with trolls; just momo ki chutney laga kar kha lo!” She then went on to take a huge bite of her momo with lots of red chutney.

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Comment down below if you would like to try any of the dishes she shared with us and that too with her special twist in it.

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