From No Balloons To No Body Odour, 6 Bizarre Library Rules Around The World

We are aware of library rules like 'keep silence', 'no eating', 'no cell phone' and more. But these are the strange and bizarre library rules you weren't aware of.

by Shreya Rathod
From No Balloons To No Body Odour, 6 Bizarre Library Rules Around The World

For every book lover, the library is heaven! With tons of books to choose from, it feels like a fairyland. However, the place has certain rules like ‘maintain silence’, ‘no eating’ and so on. But some libraries have weird rules which you wouldn’t have imagined! Here are bizarre library rules from around the world.

6 Bizarre Library Rules From Around The World

1. No Balloons At Yonkers Public Library

Yonkers Public Library
Credits: Wikimedia

Libraries have signs like ‘no mobile’ or ‘no smoking’ signs. But at Yonkers Public Library, there is a sign which says ‘no balloons’. In fact, people going there are amazed that balloons are such a problem. And who would want to bring balloons inside of the library?

2. No Charging Laptops At Pune’s SPPU Library

sppu library
Credits: University Of Pune/ Website

There are doubts about the legitimacy of a rule that Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) students and scholars find peculiar. One of them has drawn criticism because it permits pupils to use laptops but forbids them from charging the devices. Researchers and students are now asking why it isn’t possible to charge electronic devices like laptops and cell phones in the university’s departments if electric cars can. According to a PhD student, the new library rule is strange and illogical and they condemn it.

3. No Unzipped Clothes At Central Arkansas Library System

Central Arkansas Library
Credits: Wikimedia

Librarians at the Central Arkansas Library System made the decision to address an issue head-on. Unfastened, unbuttoned, and unzipped clothing is prohibited by law in an effort to stop the spread of vulgarity. You may want to start by finding out exactly what they mean when they say something is “unbuttoned,” and whether or not they’ve seen what teens wear.

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4. No Bathing At Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library
Credits: Wikimedia

Here’s one to consider the next time you’re in Seattle. It is forbidden to bathe in the city’s public library’s lavatory. If you’re wondering about the laws around doing laundry, changing clothes or shampooing your hair, the answer is no, such activities are also not kosher.

5. No Reaching Across The Desk At A University Library in Manhattan

University Library in Manhattan
Credits: Canva

It’s forbidden to reach over a staff member’s cubicle at a university library in Manhattan, Kansas. The cause? It seems that this specific employee has experienced an issue with plants toppling over and falling.

6. No Body Odour At Montreal Public Libraries

Montreal Public Libraries
Credits: Canva

One of the nicest things to do in Montreal is to spend some time in one of the city’s stunning bookstores or libraries. A report by the CBC states that as of January 1, 2024, the municipalities of Ville-Marie, Anjou, and Sud-Ouest will implement a new code of conduct that permits libraries to expel or penalise patrons who cause discomfort to others by not maintaining proper personal hygiene.

According to the report, first-time offenders may be fined up to $1,000, with repeated crimes carrying a maximum fine of $3,000. Additionally, it will be against the rules for visitors to bring in bedbugs, sleep within the library, threaten other people, or block its doors.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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