From “No Garlic” To How To Clean Blood Stains, Airbnb Host’s House Rules Leave Guest Shocked

by Sanjana Shenoy
From “No Garlic” To How To Clean Blood Stains, Airbnb Host’s House Rules Leave Guest Shocked

When booking Airbnb, it’s natural that we expect a set of house rules from the host and we’re supposed to abide by them. But there are times when the house rules seem a little too much. Recently, an Airbnb guest revealed on social media that she was shocked to read the house rules of an Airbnb. The strict conditions banned garlic and also stated rules on how to clean blood stains.

Airbnb Host Gives Guests A Set Of Strict Rules That Seem Bit Too Much

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According to a report by The Independent, Mia Clark and her husband Ralph (names changed) planned a weekend getaway to Rome. So, the couple were looking out for an Airbnb in the Travestere neighbourhood in Rome. While Mia revealed to The Independent that the Airbnb accommodation was an “elegantly decorated place” and “very sweet”, the couple had their concerns.

Apparently, the house was actually the host’s real home and not a holiday rental home. From a local sustainability point of view, the guests didn’t seem to mind this. But what was a cause of concern was the list of additional rules. The couple revealed that they have come across many odd rules during their travels, but this seems to take the cake.

Here is a list of house rules that the couple came across

  • Final cleaning fee of € 40 (₹3566 approx)
  • Don’t use towels to remove makeup
  • Don’t use garlic for cooking
  • Don’t use spices or prepare curry as the smell lingers for days
  • Wash dishes and utensils used
  • If there is blood loss, clean blood stains immediately with soap and water. Then, notify host immediately to carry out disease prevention wash
  • Maintain quietude, especially when walking down the stairs
  • No smoking
  • Don’t leave luggage at the property before check-in time
  • Dispose of garbage at appropriate collection points

Guests Feel Banning Garlic & Guidelines On Cleaning Blood Are Astonishing

airbnb rules
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Ms Clark revealed to The Independent that telling guests what they can or cannot cook was going a step too far, especially when renting out an apartment with a fully functioning kitchen. Apart from the culinary restrictions, the rules on how to clean up blood stains left the guests astonished. Ms Clark wonders what kind of guests stayed in the Airbnb before them for the hosts to come up with such unusually strict rules. The couple found these rules extremely funny and would love to stay at the property for a short trip. But following the cooking rules might be quite a task.

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Imagine you’re in Italy, where garlic is one of the most loved and used ingredients in their pasta, risotto and other dishes. And you’re forbidden from using this very ingredient? It’s like you stay in India and are banned from using garam masala in your cooking.

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Meanwhile, have you ever stayed in an Airbnb where the host’s house rules seemed to be a bit too much or ticked you off?

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