From Pizza To Noodles, Mom-To-Be Alia Bhatt Has Been Craving These Things

by Sushmita Mahanta
From Pizza To Noodles, Mom-To-Be Alia Bhatt Has Been Craving These Things

Mom-to-be Alia Bhatt and her relatable pregnancy cravings on Instagram is making her fans and us go ‘aww’! The actor is due soon and is currently seen enjoying a lot of delicious meals. A few days back, Alia Bhatt was gifted boxes of pizza by Shilpa Shetty after the Highway actor shared her pizza cravings. And now it’s Shaheen Bhatt who has treated Alia’s fans with glimpses from the actor’s recent noodles party.

Alia Bhatt And Her Pregnancy Cravings

Recently, Alia Bhatt and her sister Shaheen Bhatt enjoyed a cozy noodles party. Looks like after pizza it’s noodles that Mom-to-be Alia is craving. Alia took to Instagram to share a post by her sister Shaheen that had two bowls of yummy noodles. Shaheen’s caption, “Sisterly buffet telepathy/carb loading/how many noodles are too many noodles,” is enough to let us know that both had a great time. Take a look:

pic credit – Instagram/Alia Bhatt

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Alia’s Favourite Food Items

Alia is a huge food enthusiast but the actor likes to eat healthy on most days. Yes, she is craving a lot of pizza and noodles lately, but Alia has time and again revealed her love for simple Home-cooked meals and salads. Beetroot salad is one of her favourite salads. No doubt the actor is so fit even during her pregnancy!

Home-cooked food:
Alia Bhatt likes to keep her diet in check. Well, she might have noodles on a cheat day with her sister but Alia religiously follows a healthy diet. And she is a sucker for the comfort of home-cooked meals.
Well, Home-cooked meals have numerous health benefits as they have nutritional value well maintained. So Alia Bhatt’s Ghar ka khana obsession is totally understandable!

Beetroot Salad:
Beetroot is really healthy and we must totally include it in our diets just like Alia Bhatt does. Salads are the easiest way to consume beetroot and they are delicious too. Rich in protein and
high oxidants, beetroot has numerous health benefits. It reduces High Blood Pressure and helps to fight against cancer cells. Beetroots also Improve digestion.

alia bhatt
pic credit – unsplash

Well, Alia’s cravings truly made us ditch our healthy diets. What about you? Tell us in the comments section below.


Feature image courtesy – Instagram/Alia Bhatt