From Record-Breaking Attractions To Soul-Satisfying Food, Your Guide To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

by Deeplata Garde
From Record-Breaking Attractions To Soul-Satisfying Food, Your Guide To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, the vibrant and culturally rich jewel of Saudi Arabia, invites travellers from around the world to soak in its modernity and tradition. From tall towers and spacious malls to historic ruins and traditional lanes, Jeddah has something for everyone. So our Editor in Chief, Kamiya Jani, decided to take a tour of Saudi Arabia’s famous city, Jeddah. Believe us, you will never feel like coming back home after being in Jeddah! So here’s all about it!

Get Lost In The ‘Gateway Of Mecca’ To Find Yourself

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The beachside city of Saudi Arabia is a place filled with extraordinary wonders and unparalleled marvels. The city offers some breathtaking spots that can be called record-breaking attractions. From the highest fountain in the world to the upcoming tallest tower in the world, Jeddah is magnificent and should definitely make it to your must-visit destination list! Once called the fishing village of Saudi Arabia, it is now known as the second-largest city in the Kingdom!

From the bustling streets of the historic Al-Balad district to the towering marvels of the Corniche, our quest for Jeddah promises a glimpse into a world where the past and the present seamlessly coexist. Get ready to be engaged in the allure of Jeddah. When here, do not miss out on visiting these places:

Places To Visit In Jeddah

1. Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah’s Corniche stretches along the Red Sea, offering a picturesque sight. The 30-kilometre-long waterfront promenade is a hub of activity, where locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy leisurely walks, take in stunning sea views, and relish delicious street food like hummus, traditional kebabs, al batatas and so much more.

2. Al Balad

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Step into the heart of Jeddah’s history with a visit to Al Balad. This UNESCO World Heritage district is a treasure trove of historic architecture, traditional souks, and winding alleyways. Marvel at the intricately designed coral houses, sample authentic Arabian cuisine and bargain for souvenirs in the bustling markets.

3. Bab Makkah

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Bab Makkah, or the Gate of Mecca, built in the year 1979 stands as a significant landmark in Jeddah. This monumental archway welcomes pilgrims on their way to the holy city of Mecca. Its impressive architecture and intricate design make it a must-see for visitors.

4. The Floating Mosque

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Nestled on the serene shores of the Red Sea, the Floating Mosque of Jeddah was built in 1985. It is also known as Masjid Al Rahmah or the Al Rahmah Mosque. The landmark was created using Islamic architecture and stands as a breathtaking marvel. During high tide, the mosque surrounded by the Red Sea feels like it’s actually floating on water. Apart from the magnificent architecture, it also compasses state-of-the-art sound and advanced lighting tech.

5. King Fahd Fountain

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Jeddah’s King Fahd Fountain is a mesmerising sight to behold. Jets soaring at heights of approximately 312 metres, it’s one of the tallest fountains in the world. Illuminated at night, the fountain transforms into a breathtaking spectacle of water and light.

6. Nassif House Museum

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This 7-storey beautifully restored heritage mansion offers a glimpse into the city’s past. With its traditional architecture, furnishings, and informative exhibits, the museum is a cultural gem. The museum includes a library with approximately 16,000 books from the central library of King Abdulaziz University. Once, it also functioned as a royal residence for many of the kings of Saudi Arabia.

What To Eat In Jeddah?

Well, we at Curly Tales explored the best of Jeddah’s food scenery. From gourmet delights to sumptuous and affordable street food, here are some of our favourite gems from the town that you should definitely visit.

1. Al Baik

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When you are in Saudi Arabia, it’s illegal to not visit the renowned fried chicken brand, Al Baik. And we visited the oldest Al Baik in town, Sharafiyah, which started in the year 1974. It turns out the hype about the place is totally worth it the moment you relish the first bite of the fried chicken here.

2. Street Food In Al Balad District

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Don’t want to eat at restaurants? Well, the street food at Al Balad District is outstanding. Dig into the Al Batatas with multiple sauces or go explore the local eateries like Abu Zaid, Maqadeer and more.

3. Cafe Bateel

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Want to experience gourmet bites? Well, head to Cafe Bateel and try their dates filled with delectable stuffing like pistachios and more. If you are an Emirates or Etihad first-class passenger, you will be served an apple and date drink.

4. Central Fish Market

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We also visited the famous Central Fish Market in Jeddah, which is also the largest seafood market in Saudi Arabia. Fishing remains a popular way for locals to start their morning. So expect fresh shrimp, crabs, fish, and even lobsters in this market. At the fish market, there’s a restaurant conveniently located on-site where you have the freedom to savour your freshly acquired catch according to your preferences, offering both takeaway and dine-in choices.

5. Al Saeedi Restaurant

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Love seafood and are tempted after the fish market? Al Saeedi Fish Restaurant is the best place to savour the fresh catch of the day. From grilled to fried, this restaurant offers an assorted selection of fish to relish. Our host and Editor-in-Chief even called the food very ‘Lazeez’!

What To Take Back With You From Your Jeddah Trip?

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Jeddah’s traditional souks and glitzy malls offer a wide range of souvenirs to pack for your loved ones. While strolling across the Al Balad streets, we discovered a unique souvenir, and it was honey! From 35 riyals a kg to 400 riyals and above for a kg of honey, Jeddah boasts about multiple imported and local honey in stores.

Apart from honey, you can also visit the souks and shop for spices, rugs, carpets, and a lot more. If not, visit the Red Sea Mall, the biggest shopping centre in Saudi Arabia, to go shopping for souvenirs or even treat yourself a little. This sprawling retail and leisure complex has become a favourite destination amongst locals and tourists alike. It presents a world-class shopping experience, an enticing variety of dining selections and a thrilling array of entertainment alternatives.

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How To Reach Here?

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Emiratis can simply plan to visit this marvellous city by booking a two-hour flight from Dubai. A plethora of eminent airlines like Emirates, Saudia, flydubai and more operate comfortable and luxurious flights on these routes. You might even crack a good deal depending on the season. GCC Residents can travel to Saudi Arabia by road. Visitors can travel by car or by public transportation buses operated by government bodies or companies. It takes between 17 to 20 hrs depending on the traffic and your driving speed to reach Jeddah from Dubai.

So, here’s a comprehensive guide covering transportation, top attractions, and culinary delights in Jeddah. When are you heading here?

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