From Sun Temple In Konark To Red Fort In Delhi, 6 Historical Monuments You’ll Find On Indian Currency Notes

Every Indian currency note has a significant historical monument printed on it and here’s everything you need to know about them.

by Tashika Tyagi
From Sun Temple In Konark To Red Fort In Delhi, 6 Historical Monuments You’ll Find On Indian Currency Notes

Day in and day out, we use money to pay for many things. But, have you ever taken a minute to see what those currency notes signify, other than their monetary value? Well, the Indian currency notes bear the sign of the country’s rich history and past. We recently came across a post on X (formerly Twitter) by @HeritageGuy7, where he shared pictures of the currency notes against the monuments. Yes, all Indian currency notes – from ₹10 to ₹500 – have some historical monument printed on them and we’re here to tell you more about them.

Historical Monuments Printed On Indian Currency Notes

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Image Courtesy: Canva

1. ₹10 – Konark Sun Temple, Odisha

The 13th-century Sun Temple of Konark, Odisha is printed on the back of the ₹10 note. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this temple is often called an architectural marvel and was once used as a sundial

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2. ₹20 – Kailasa Temple, Ellora, Maharashtra

The ₹20 note bears the image of one of the pillars of Kailasa Temple in Maharashtra’s Ellora. One of the grandest all-monolithic temples in India, it was built between 600 AD and 1000 AD.

3. ₹50 – Stone Chariot of Hampi, Karnataka

Often called the jewel of Hampi, the Stone Chariot is an iconic monument that is located in front of Vijaya Vittala Temple. You can find a glimpse of this great monument on the back of ₹50 currency note.

4. ₹100 – Rani Ki Vav, Gujarat

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rani Ki Vav (or Queen’s Stepwell) is located in Patan, Gujarat. This monument was built by King Bhimdev I of Solanki for his wife Queen Udaymati. The monument also features on the back of ₹100 Indian currency note.

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5. ₹200 – Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh

This renowned Buddhist monument needs no introduction! Sanchi Stupa is printed on the Indian currency note of ₹200.

6. ₹500 – Red Fort, Delhi

Located in the heart of Delhi, Red Fort holds great significance in the history of India. Even today, the prime minister hoists the Indian flag at this fort on Independence Day. And you can find its picture printed on the back of ₹500 Indian currency note.

Although the ₹2,000 notes are no longer in use, if you remember them, then you’d know it had a spaceship printed on it. It was an image of Mangalyaan, an important space event for India that was commemorated on the previously used currency note.

How many of them did you know about? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@HeritageGuy7

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