From Waterfalls To Forts, 8 Exciting Things To Do In Amboli, Maharashtra’s Hidden Gem!

by Mallika Khurana
From Waterfalls To Forts, 8 Exciting Things To Do In Amboli, Maharashtra’s Hidden Gem!

Nestled within the heart of the Sahyadri Hills, where emerald forests meet the whispering streams, lies Amboli, Maharashtra’s best-kept secret. This enchanting hill station, a hidden gem far from the tourist crowds, is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those in search of tranquility amidst breathtaking landscapes. Amboli beckons you with its lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and an array of activities that promise an unforgettable journey into the lap of Mother Nature. So, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s embark on a virtual tour of the eight exciting things to do in Amboli, where every step is an adventure and every sight is a picturesque masterpiece.

Things To Do In Amboli

1. Amboli Waterfalls

Amboli Waterfalls
Photo Credits: Canva

Amboli Waterfalls, also known as the Amboli Ghat Waterfalls, is the most famous natural attraction in Amboli. During the monsoon season (June to September), the waterfalls are in full flow, creating a mesmerising spectacle. You can hike through the lush forest to reach the falls, and once there, you can take a refreshing dip in the natural pool formed at its base. The cool mist and the sound of cascading water make this a rejuvenating experience.

2. Nangarta Falls

Nangarta waterfall
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Nangarta Falls is a lesser-known gem located a short drive from Amboli town. It’s a serene and less crowded spot compared to the Amboli Waterfalls. The falls are surrounded by dense greenery, and you can enjoy a peaceful picnic or simply relax in the tranquil environment. It’s an excellent place for nature lovers and those seeking solitude.

3. Shirgaonkar Point

Shirgaonkar Point
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Shirgaonkar Point is a viewpoint offering sweeping vistas of the Western Ghats. It’s a perfect spot for photographers and nature enthusiasts. You can spend time here taking in the panoramic views of the valleys, hills, and forests, especially during the early morning or late afternoon when the light is magical.

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4. Mahadevgad Fort Trek

Mahadevgad Fort
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The trek to Mahadevgad Fort takes you on an adventurous journey through the dense forests of Amboli. The fort itself is in ruins, but the trek is rewarding with its rugged terrain and historical charm. From the fort’s highest point, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape, making it a great place for a short trek and exploration.

5. Kavlesaad Point

kavlesad point
Photo Credits: Canva

Kavlesaad Point is another stunning viewpoint that offers panoramic views of the Konkan coastline. It’s a peaceful spot to soak in the beauty of the landscape. During clear days, you can see the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea and the lush greenery that stretches to the horizon.

6. Hiranyakeshi Temple

Hiranyakeshi Temple
Photo Credits: Canva

The Hiranyakeshi Temple is a tranquil place of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva. It’s located amidst the natural beauty of Amboli, next to the Hiranyakeshi River. Visitors often come here to seek solace and connect with nature. The temple’s surroundings are serene and make for a peaceful retreat.

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7. Bird Watching In Amboli

Bird watching
Photo Credits: Canva

Amboli’s rich biodiversity makes it a fantastic destination for bird watchers. The dense forests are home to a variety of bird species, including hornbills, parakeets, and many more. Birdwatchers can spend hours observing and photographing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

8. Amboli Ghat Road Drive

Amboli Ghat
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Amboli Ghat Road offers a scenic drive through the Western Ghats. It’s a picturesque route with lush greenery and breathtaking views around every corner. The road is particularly beautiful during the monsoon season, when the landscape is covered in a carpet of vibrant green. It’s a great way to experience the natural beauty of Amboli at a leisurely pace.

These activities in Amboli cater to a range of interests, from adventure and trekking to nature appreciation and photography. Whether you seek adventure or a peaceful escape into nature, Amboli has something to offer every traveller.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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